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First time here? I’m happy you stopped by, whether or not you choose to stay or are just passing through. Though this may be labeled as a “Home” page, think of it more as an encampment site where we have some permanent residents to provide supplies and hospitality while for others it’s more of an outpost they can stop off at for companionship, restoration, and retooling while on their way to other adventures elsewhere.

The primary focus here is to offer hope and help for people whose hearts and talents are chronically underutilized and underrepresented in the world due to not fitting in with existing systems that could help them reach their potential. For a quick test, you can check out the “Destiny” video below and if it runs a close match to how you feel about life, then chances are good you belong here.

(Note: The creator of the video has no relationship whatsoever to either me or this site, but I do highly recommend his channel)

Things are in a bit of a rough state right now as the site is being reorganized to better serve more people in more diverse situations, so please have some patience with this. I (the site manager, Kristina Wilcox) am working on it as much as possible, but I don’t receive any outside funding for my efforts so I’m working within the same time and budget constraints as most everybody else.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me if there’s something you’re not finding because I have a lot of resources acquired for this project so there might be some things I can prioritize higher on the publishing list or send you directly to not have wait for publication. You can also contact me if you just need someone to talk to, but keep in mind I’m a professional tech developer (and an autistic one at that), not a professional therapist. However, if there turns out to be a lot of unmet social needs that warrant a more permanent solution sooner rather than later, I can set us up some forums or a gaming guild or whatever else seems appropriate to meet the needs at hand.

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