5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies 

Life can be a fantastic yet challenging experience. You can easily wake up exhilarated to begin your day but then go to bed feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The key to success is to maintain a positive, yes you can do it, mindset.

Easier said than done, right? Here are 5 keys to help you create and sustain a positive mindset so you attain the success you desire.

1. Surround yourself with successful and positive people.

The influence people have over our own personal energy is amazing. Moods and attitudes are so easily spread – think about how much of a difference a simple smile from a stranger can make for your day and then magnify it 1,000 times to demonstrate the power of positive and successful friends, family and associates. When you have people around you who inspire you, believe in you and want you to succeed, there’s no room for doubts and even when they do creep up, they’re quickly swept away.

2. Create a mantra or an affirmation.

Repeating positive affirmations has been shown to get people through tough times and to actually help them truly believe what they’re saying. To find the right affirmations for you, consider writing a quick list of your doubts, insecurities and complaints. These can then be quickly turned into affirmations.

For example, if you write that you’re always feeling disorganized then a potentially valuable affirmation could be, “I am organized and in control.” Repeat your affirmations several times a day and feel the power of positive thinking. It’s not ignoring reality to frame things in contrast to your past experience, but rather creating a new reality by changing your focus to the path of change you want to be traveling now.

3. Capture negative thoughts.

We all have negative thoughts from time to time; however, negative thoughts and emotions can derail us and prevent us from achieving all we desire. Of course, catching those negative thoughts takes practice and persistence. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts or having negative emotions, find a trigger to turn them around. The affirmations mentioned above are a great way to turn the negative into the positive. You can also find quick pick-me-ups like a favorite song, a walk outside in the fresh air, or some exercise to help improve your mood.

4. Set your goals and intentions, but then be willing to let go of total control.

The law of attraction says that we attract what we focus on the most. However, desperation to succeed or unwillingness to accept factors beyond our reasonable control creates unnecessary and counterproductive anxiety and sends mixed messages to our self-esteem that can easily spiral downward into damaging negativity. Set your goals and intentions and then let them go. A certain amount of faith in yourself and patience with life is necessary to keep a consistent, positive direction while staying healthy and sustainable. There’s not much point in getting where you want to go if you find yourself too burned out in the process to be able to enjoy it when you get there.

5. Be grateful.

Gratitude is perhaps the single most powerful and positive tool for success. When you’re grateful for all of the wonderful things and people in your life, the challenges you face seem significantly less imposing and are more easily dealt with. Consider keeping a gratitude journal and make a practice of entering into it daily. That way, when you’re facing challenges, a quick peek at all the amazing things in your life will make you feel as if you can tackle anything. Additionally, consistently reinforcing your gratitude helps you maintain a positive perspective so you can face challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Success is within your reach and with the right attitude you can accomplish anything you set your sights on. Embrace these five powerful mind success strategies and you’ll build a better, happier, and more satisfying life.

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