5 Tips for Healthy Management of Painful and Fear-Based Emotions

At some point in our lives we all deal with painful and negative emotions. Whether those emotions are fear, anxiety, resentment, or other fear-based emotions, if we do not learn to manage those emotions properly, they can get the best of us and destroy us.

Identify the Emotion

You cannot properly address something you cannot first identify. This requires a level of self-awareness that allows you to sit with your feelings and truly get to the root of what is going on. The act of identifying what is triggering the negative feelings eases the burden of trying to ignore or mask the feeling, while allowing room for what was identified to be addressed in the right way. Ultimate benefits of this can include reduced stress and anxiety (Partnership Staff, 2017).

Eliminate Triggers

Once you know what you’re feeling, you can begin to identify what causes you to feel that way. Identifying the situation or trigger causing that particular emotion, actionable strides can be taken to remove or reduce the impacts of those triggers.

Or steps can be taken to help you learn how to manage those triggers so that they no longer produce the intense negative pain or fear-based emotion moving forward (Brown, 2019).


Redirecting the negative emotions you feel into positive activities can be a healthy way to release those negative emotions. Redirection is about channeling the negative emotions and energy into an activity that allows for emotional release without causing harm. Activities can include physical activity, breathing, journaling, or meditation, among others. Each of these outlets provide an opportunity to help you feel less overwhelmed, thus reducing stress, tension, and anxiety (Scott, 2020).

Seek Support

Getting help from outside sources can be one of the best ways to get help with painful and fear-based emotions. Whether that support is in the form of friends and family or in the form of a licensed professional, sometimes having an additional person to talk things through with can help bring relief mentally and emotionally.

Others can offer advice, tools, resources, and even just a listening ear to help you process through what you’re feeling and develop healthy coping strategies for managing those negative emotions you feel (Scott, 2020).


Being thankful is a strategy that can act as a grounding force when faced with painful and fear-based emotions. Gratitude first draws us into the present moment by taking our focus off of the negative stimuli and causing us to find those good things that exist presently in our lives right now.

Then it replaces the negativity with positivity by causing us to deviate from the negative emotions towards the happiness and joy that gratitude is linked with creating. Taking a few moments to either write down all that you are grateful for or even simply think about them helps to counter these negative emotions.

We do not have to live indefinitely with painful and fear-based emotions. We can take action to help ourselves overcome negative feelings and thrive in our lives. Whether you adopt one of these strategies or a combination of several, these are great ways to first understand how you feel, address the cause of what you’re feeling, and then develop coping strategies for situations where you find yourself encountering these negative emotions at any point in the future.


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