A Guide to Some Basic Barre Exercises

So, you have bought some sticky socks and tight-fitting breathable clothes, and are ready to start your barre fitness program. But you were just wondering where you could find a guide to some basic barre exercises so you don’t look like a total newbie at your first class. Consider this a crash course on the most basic techniques of barre exercises.

One of the simplest barre movements is proper standing. Keeping your spine perfectly straight at all times during any movement, just as when you are standing straight, is extremely important. By squeezing your ab muscles and bringing your tailbone in, you ensure you have a straight back.

Barre exercises also involve jumping and hopping. Your aim here is to make no noise at all. You want to leap and land silently. How is this obtained? The muscles in your calf and ankle are engaged when you land, and by holding your heels up, you lessen the amount of noise you make.

Also, no matter what barre movements you are performing, you should keep your knees straight and toes rigidly pointed whenever your foot leaves the ground. Just remember to think “straight knees and pointed toes”, as this produces perfect form and works your calves and ankles.

Another basic barre exercise, which will be used throughout the program, is called “turning out”. The turn out means positioning your legs so that your feet point in opposite directions. This employs the muscles in your upper and lower legs, and your knees should follow the direction of your toes as well.

Relevé has you flexing and strengthening your calves. Think of it as standing on your toes, as tall as you can. You are actually just rising up onto the balls of your feet and pulling your heels off of the ground. Remember to keep your legs straight unless your instructor tells you otherwise.

Plié is a term well-known to practitioners of ballet. You bend your knees as you slowly lower yourself, all the while keeping your heels firmly planted on the floor. This will many times be accompanied with the turn out mentioned above.

There are of course beginner, intermediate, and advanced barre workouts. And these are just a few of the basic core movements you will be using in any barre exercise program. If you are looking to lose weight and tone your body, all while relieving stress and becoming happier and healthier, sign up for a barre exercise program in your area today.

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