Hi, I’m Kristina Wilcox, and I’m a 40+ year-old woman with Aspergers Syndrome (High-Functioning Autism).

It’s a disability I’ve had all my life, but the process to diagnose it didn’t start till I was nearly 30, so I have a lot of experience from my earlier years trying hard to accomplish things only to be endlessly frustrated by running into brick walls that I couldn’t see.

Fortunately, a couple things I had going for me were some proficiency with tech skills and a strong love of gaming, both of which offered opportunities in virtual environments to help with things I was having a lot of difficulty with in the real world.

Now after many years of time and patience investing in myself to better manage my self-care and increase my capabilities further, life is going okay. So now I am wanting to use my abilities to help others who might be going through similar struggles, and this website is part of my work toward that goal.

While, of course, I’m happy if it can help anyone regardless of their level of need, the primary focus of both the content and format here is to serve as useful and accessible outreach for people working through disadvantaging situations. If you have any questions or feedback related to that focus, feel free to click the Contact link to message me anytime.

And no matter what your purpose in visiting here, I hope you enjoy your stay and find something of value that brightens your day.

Take care always! You’re not alone in the world even if it may seem like it sometimes.

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