Feed Your Body What It Needs to Excel

If your body isn’t getting the foods and nutrients it needs to function properly, then don’t expect your brain to respond appropriately when it’s called upon, either.  Some people spend more money and time feeding the right diet to their pets or selecting proper additives for their cars than they do for themselves. Your brain […]

Keys to a Successful Family Budget

Creating a family budget is within everyone’s reach, but creating a successful one requires some particular methods. Here are some tips to help you create a successful family budget. Get Everyone on Board The more inclusive your budget is, the more likely it is to work well for your family. Include every family member who […]

4 Exercises to Increase Your Flexibility

Many people practice both cardio and strength training routines as part of their fitness plan, but fail to include exercises that would increase their flexibility. Not only does being more flexible benefit you in the gym by lessening your risk of an injury and increasing joint range of motion, it helps you in your daily […]

What Is “User Generated Content” and How Can It Help Your Business

User generated content is a new buzz phrase that’s been getting a lot of attention recently. Websites can take off in popularity if they have great user generated content without the creators having to put as much work into content creation themselves. What exactly is user generated content? How does it work? How do you […]

Leadership Skills to Teach Kids

Have you heard talk about teaching kids leadership skills? Whether you are a teacher, parent, or other type of caregiver, you have probably heard about the importance of instilling leadership. But how? What skills? Following is a basic list of leadership skills you can teach kids. 1. Independent Thinking Help your child break out of […]

Benefits of Google+ For Your Brand

Google joined the ranks of the top social networking sites when they released Google+. This simple and free tool allows you to connect with your audience, share information, and even stream online content. Like other social networking sites, it can be used to brand your business. However, Google+ may offer some benefits to your brand […]

Should You Vary Your Weekly Workouts?

Generally speaking, the short answer is that you don”t necessarily need to vary your weekly workouts. However, there can be some situations that require you to make a change to your workout routine. When What You’re Doing Stops Working Sooner or later, you will hit a plateau. As you work through your same routine day […]

How To Use Webinars For Successful Online Promotion

Chances are you have heard about webinars. You might have even attended a few. That’s because webinars are extremely popular right now. All of the big name gurus are using them to take their businesses to new levels. But what exactly is a webinar and how can someone like you or I use it to […]

Reconnecting with Nature to Calm Your Nerves

Society places you in front of computer monitors in stuffy cubicles under florescent lights for hours each day. By the time you leave, there’s barely enough time to run into the deli to grab dinner, then collapse in front of the television – or worse yet, open your briefcase to more work! If you didn’t […]

Eight Healthy Superfoods to Add to Your Child’s Lunch

Making sure the kids are properly prepared for school doesn’t end with providing them with school supplies. All of the school supplies in the world will do nothing if a child doesn’t have the right nutrients for his or her brain. And a hungry belly never does anyone any good either. So when it comes […]

Five Ways to Find Great Article and Blog Post Topics

There comes a time in every online publisher’s life when they run out of things to write about. There are many solutions to this problem. You can hire someone to come up with ideas for you. You can hire someone to write the content for you, too. Or you can purchase publishing rights to other […]

Does Outdoor Exercise Help More With Depression?

The benefits of outdoor exercise have been confirmed. And it appears that, in many cases, outdoor exercise better aids in beating depression and negative moods than working out indoors. A revealing study conducted by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry concluded that outdoor exercise in a natural environment contributes to your mental and physical […]

How to Set and Achieve Business Goals

It’s important to have real, specific goals in your business. These goals can be financial, personal, or simply involve an aspect of your business (“build an effective website” for example). It can sometimes seem overwhelming to determine goals, and even more overwhelming to think of achieving them. Here are some tips on doing both of […]

The Link between Low Self-Esteem and Depression

There are a lot of people who struggle with confidence issues, but there are those whose struggle goes much deeper than their confidence level. Those with low self-esteem seem to be more likely to struggle with depression. So are low self-esteem and depression linked and if so, how? What Is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem refers to someone’s […]

Can You Learn to Enjoy Exercise in Itself?

As humans, we do things based on a perceived expected outcome. When you first start exercising, it may be for a specific purpose such as losing weight, toning muscles, building strength, or to experience one of many other benefits exercising can bring to us. But once we achieve the outcome we expect, what keeps us […]

Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?

Yoga physically burns fewer calories than traditional exercising like jogging or running. But because of the internal and external changes your physical body undertakes when you consistently practice yoga, you can find yourself losing more weight than when you perform more intense exercises over time. Beth Lewis is an Associate Professor at the University of […]

Driving Traffic to Your Website from Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool to help start conversations with prospects and customers. However, if those customers don’t transition to your website then you may not be reaching your sales and marketing goals. A few tweaks to your social media strategy may help you gain the traffic you desire. #1 Make Your Content Searchable […]

How to Build Communication Bridges with Your Teen

Raising a child doesn’t come with a book of instructions. If it did, the task would be much easier. Facing the teenage years with your son or daughter has its challenges as well as rewards. Take the experience one day at a time and learn how to bridge the communication gap. As your child goes […]

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