Building Trust with Your Child

A baby or toddler always trusts their parent, but as your child grows they may not seem to trust your decisions and judgement anymore. It is a sad fact that some children seem to love their parents less as they get older. The best remedy for you, as the parent, is to lay new foundations for trust.

Let’s look at how you can build trust with a child of any age.

Children learn from their parents, so it makes sense to actually show your child what trust means, along with how to earn it. There is no point in getting mad at your young child when they won’t eat their broccoli when you don’t eat it either. All this manages to do is just send the wrong message.

Next on your list is to ask yourself if you are really listening to what your child is trying to tell you.  Do you interrupt them before they finish talking? Do you sympathize with their situation and show them that you understand and care? The minute your child knows that you listen and care, they will feel more comfortable when it comes to discussing more personal details with you.

Always be honest with your child. This will help you form a bond with them that will last a lifetime. If you are a single parent, tell them why and where their parent is. Don’t make up stories and half-truths, they will only come back to haunt you at some point. Take the time to explain things in a way that is appropriate to their age, you don’t want to scare them either.

Next, you should never break your promises to your child. This isn’t as always quite as easy as it sounds, though. Life does get in the way, and even the best laid plans need to be changed. When this happens, explain the reason why to them and then reschedule your time or activity together.

If you start promising to attend their school sports event and then don’t, your child will eventually stop asking you to come since you always break your promise.

Of course, you will need to discipline your child. These days that could mean taking away their cell phone or not allowing them to play video games or chat online. When you take something away, or even if you threaten to, then it is vital that you follow through. Sticking to what you have said helps build trust with your child.

Parenting is not an easy job at all, but the best way to be a good one is to work hard at developing your child’s trust and respect.

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