Using Challenges to Develop More Discipline

One way you can develop more discipline is to use challenges. This makes it more like a game and less like a chore. Also, there can be the added elements of competition with others and having them help hold you accountable, which improves your odds of success. Challenges are very popular, and you can findContinue reading “Using Challenges to Develop More Discipline”

Whole Grain Additions to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

You know that in order to have optimal health, you need to add whole grains and fiber to your diet.  But many whole grains look unappealing to the average consumer.  Luckily, food manufacturers have started catering to the public’s demand for better-tasting healthy fare. You may not know it when you’re staring down a boxContinue reading “Whole Grain Additions to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner”

Intuitive Eating as an Alternative to Traditional Dieting

There is no shortage of diet advice given, often labeled with clinical or inspirational-sounding names. Many, however, are simply fads that lend themselves to yo-yo dieting rather than sustainable healthy lifestyles. The latest one to catch attention is intuitive eating. Here we take a look at what it is and how it differs from otherContinue reading “Intuitive Eating as an Alternative to Traditional Dieting”

Crockpot Recipes Can Save Time and Money

Crockpots – also called slow-cookers – are enjoying recent resurgence in popularity. The item that was a necessity in every kitchen in the 70s is being pulled out of mothballs and new ones are flying off the shelves as people are striving to give their families a hot, healthy meal for less money and withoutContinue reading “Crockpot Recipes Can Save Time and Money”

Ways to Exercise at Home Without Equipment

Exercise equipment can be enticing to purchase for your home gym, but it can be expensive for someone who’s on a tight budget. There are many exercises you can do in your own home that don’t involve any equipment. Here are 10 ways to get you started exercising without purchasing any equipment. Walking It’s niceContinue reading “Ways to Exercise at Home Without Equipment”

Protecting Your Mental Health During Times of Fear, Crisis, and Uncertainty

How the Current State of Events Can Harm Mental Health How Traumatic Events Affect Our Mental Health and Our Lives Signs of Mental and Emotional Distress Risk of Depression The Pitfalls of Social Isolation Managing Anxiety During Stressful Times Focusing on Brights Spots and Avoiding the Landmines Setting Appropriate Boundaries with Yourself and Others MaintainingContinue reading “Protecting Your Mental Health During Times of Fear, Crisis, and Uncertainty”

4 Ways to Reduce Calories in Home Made Desserts

Desserts don’t have to be loaded with calories (and fat) to be satisfying. There are many alterations or substitutions you can make to your current recipes and still have them taste great. Here are four changes you can make that your family won’t even notice. Yogurt Low or non-fat yogurt is a great substitute forContinue reading “4 Ways to Reduce Calories in Home Made Desserts”

8 Best Sources of Protein for Muscle Building

While there are hundreds of foods containing protein that you can eat to build muscle, these 8 are the best and will give you the fastest results: Whey Protein A muscle-building favorite of bodybuilders. When consumed before and after workouts, this complete protein digests fast and is absorbed quickly by muscles thus helping them recoverContinue reading “8 Best Sources of Protein for Muscle Building”

4 Healthy Supplements for Building Muscle

Any trip into your local health and nutrition store will reveal hundreds of bodybuilding supplements. So which ones are healthy, and which ones should you avoid? The following list of five healthy supplements for building muscle will max out your bulk and strength, while minimizing the negative and possibly dangerous side effects that come fromContinue reading “4 Healthy Supplements for Building Muscle”

Balancing Calorie Deficit with an Increase in Physical Activity

All of us know that cutting calories and exercising more is the secret to healthy weight loss. But how many calories do you need and still have enough to fuel your body? The number you need to eat each day varies depending on many factors, such as overall health, physical activity, sex, weight, height, andContinue reading “Balancing Calorie Deficit with an Increase in Physical Activity”

Incorporate a Set Time for Mindless Fun

As they say, all work and no play makes you dull. But what it really does is make you stressed out and ineffective. If you really want to be good at your job and productive every single day, setting aside time for mindless fun each and every day is imperative. Being mindless for a littleContinue reading “Incorporate a Set Time for Mindless Fun”

Sleep Apnea Is More Than a Snoring Problem

Sleeping near a person who snores can seriously interrupt sleep. “If only the snoring would stop,” you think. Then it does. Peaceful as it is, that’s not always a healthy sign. Snoring is related to a condition known as sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, your nighttime breathing is interrupted and doesn’t return promptly.Continue reading “Sleep Apnea Is More Than a Snoring Problem”

How Can Pilates Make You More Toned?

Joseph Pilates knew he was onto something when he developed his set of low-impact, low-cardio fluid movement exercises designed to improve strength and flexibility and to tone muscles. Pilates are especially great for toning up typically troublesome areas such as abs, inner thighs, and buttocks. While Pilates does not require any equipment, using a mat,Continue reading “How Can Pilates Make You More Toned?”

What Does It Mean When Your Muscles Shake As You Exercise?

At some point during your workouts, you might have experienced muscle shaking or trembling. Many think it is a sign they are having a good workout and that can be true, but to what extent? What generally happens is you are too sore the next day or day after to get back into your routine.Continue reading “What Does It Mean When Your Muscles Shake As You Exercise?”

How to Build Muscle Without Getting Bulky

Most people correlate building more muscle with getting bigger or “bulky”, but the two are different. What many women desire is achieving a more toned look – one where muscles are defined, but not significantly larger. In many cases, it involves reducing body fat to let the muscles show through. In other cases, it mayContinue reading “How to Build Muscle Without Getting Bulky”

Why Exercise Makes You Feel Happy

You have probably noticed you have a boost of self-esteem and positive energy after you exercise. Even long after working out, jogging, or biking, you find yourself smiling more and even feeling better about your life and those around you. Why is that? It is because exercise makes human beings happy. But how does thisContinue reading “Why Exercise Makes You Feel Happy”

Will Exercise Help You Live Longer?

Multiple studies over a number of years have shown that if we have certain risk factors, such as an unhealthy LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio, high blood pressure, or a waistline over half of our height, we have an increased risk for developing heart disease. What we didn’t know until recently was the part exercise played inContinue reading “Will Exercise Help You Live Longer?”

A Guide to Water-Rich Foods That’ll Help You Eat Less in Total

Many of the water-rich foods are high in fiber, but low in calories. Researchers have found that the body senses it is full by the volume of food and not the number of calories consumed. By filling up on water-rich foods first, you end up feeling fuller sooner so you eat less high-calorie foods and,Continue reading “A Guide to Water-Rich Foods That’ll Help You Eat Less in Total”

Stress Management Activities that Work

Identifying stress  symptoms may be fairly easy. In fact, some people find it as a regular part of their lives that there is no need to exert effort in order to verify that they are, indeed, stressed out. The real challenge comes in finding ways to manage stress so it would not interfere with one’sContinue reading “Stress Management Activities that Work”

How Exercising Helps with Anxiety

You probably already know that exercising is a productive way to keep physically fit, manage your weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and give you energy. But the benefits of moving your body go far beyond physical. There are also many mental and emotional benefits of regular exercise, including helping with your mental health. Though theContinue reading “How Exercising Helps with Anxiety”

Choosing Your Exercise for a Relaxed Mind

Exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. The mind and body benefit in many ways from simple daily exercises. It is well known that exercise can lead to an improved physique. However, exercise can also improve the function of the brain as well. Exercise releases endorphins. These are neurotransmitters that create a senseContinue reading “Choosing Your Exercise for a Relaxed Mind”

Exercising as a Form of Self-Care

It is a well-researched fact that exercise promotes physical well-being, but current studies now indicate that consistent, moderate exercise throughout the week also aids in mental well-being, too. From stress reduction, improved focus, memory retention, and increased positive mood, exercise proves to be one of the best natural supplements for mental health and one ofContinue reading “Exercising as a Form of Self-Care”

Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas – Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts, and Gifts

Make your loved ones and yourself feel treated and special while still staying true to maintaining healthy, long-term habits. Starting with Breakfast Often Valentine’s Day breakfasts are loaded with sugar and very indulgent, but there are healthier options that can still be cheerful enough to set the mood for the day. And as a bonus,Continue reading “Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas – Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts, and Gifts”

50 Tips for Healthier Eating During the Holidays

As you probably already know, the holiday season is a part of the year when it becomes a real challenge to eat healthy. You get invited to numerous parties, visit relatives that prepare way too much food, and are constantly surrounded by delicious snacks and desserts that everybody sends you (or you make). When youContinue reading “50 Tips for Healthier Eating During the Holidays”

Making Healthy Dishes with Fall Produce

When fall arrives, you know it is time to start eating all of your favorite comfort dishes. Unfortunately, that also sometimes means eating food and treats that aren’t the best for your health or your waistline. The following tips are going to help you use fall produce, like apples and pumpkin, in a way thatContinue reading “Making Healthy Dishes with Fall Produce”

Motivating Yourself to Achieve Your Summer Fitness Goals

As summer approaches, we often think more about our personal fitness levels. Maybe there are activities we’d like to get out and do as the weather becomes nicer, or maybe we struggle with anxieties about not being covered up in multiple layers of clothing. No matter what your reason, if you want to get fitContinue reading “Motivating Yourself to Achieve Your Summer Fitness Goals”

Simple, Flexible Adjustments for Busy Moms to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life One of the biggest obstacles you are going to face when trying to create a healthy lifestyle change is your own mindset. Don’t think of your new goal to eat healthier and exercise regularly as a diet; think of it as a lifestyle you’d like to live. A lifestyleContinue reading “Simple, Flexible Adjustments for Busy Moms to Start a Healthy Lifestyle”

Top 10 Ways to Beat Stress

A US poll conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that 1 in every 4 respondents reported “a great deal of stress” in the previous month. In that same study, 50% of all adults claimed they experienced a “major stressful event” in the past year, which translates to 115 million people. The MentalContinue reading “Top 10 Ways to Beat Stress”

How to Make Water a More Enticing Beverage

All of us know water is an essential ingredient in our healthy lifestyle, but after a while drinking plain water gets boring. Eventually, you will start drinking less and not end up getting your daily eight 8-ounce glasses. So how do you make plain water more appealing and exciting? Citrus or Cucumber There are severalContinue reading “How to Make Water a More Enticing Beverage”

5 Things Women Can Do to Lower Their Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can adversely affect your organs, especially your heart and your kidneys – and it can rob you of years of life. Even if you’re a woman, you have just as great a risk of developing high blood pressure as a man does. You can’t change some things when it comes to improvingContinue reading “5 Things Women Can Do to Lower Their Blood Pressure”

Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Eating or Drinking Anything

We should eat to live, rather than live to eat. In our society, we have come to a point where we often care more about how our food tastes than what exactly it is doing to our bodies. We do, however, want to enjoy what we eat. Mealtimes can be a time of relaxation andContinue reading “Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Eating or Drinking Anything”

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