What Does It Mean to Have a High Metabolism?

Metabolism is defined as the number of calories the body needs while at rest. In other words, the body needs a certain number of calories just to sustain bodily functions, like breathing and heartbeat. This number is usually referred to as the basal metabolic rate (BMR). Because your thyroid controls your metabolism through the secretionContinue reading “What Does It Mean to Have a High Metabolism?”

8 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is one of the healthiest prescriptions to improve your health. Some of the benefits you can reap from getting physical are: Controlling/losing weight Improving your cardiovascular system Decreasing risk for Type 2 diabetes Reducing risk for some cancers Strengthening bones and muscles Improving mental health and mood Making daily chores easier toContinue reading “8 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity”

How HIIT Could Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fairly new concept where you perform an exercise at a very high intensity for a short duration of time and then switch to a lower intensity for a longer period of time. You keep up this cycle until you reach your total training time goal – usually 15Continue reading “How HIIT Could Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals”

A Guide to the Plank Exercise

One type of exercise that will improve your abdominal core strength and stability are plank exercises. When performed properly, they will not only improve the muscles supporting the spine and lower body, but also develop the arms, shoulders, and glutes. Many people that don’t exercise might wonder why they need a strong abdominal core. AContinue reading “A Guide to the Plank Exercise”

I Exercise All the Time, So Why Don’t I Look More Toned?

First let’s define what being toned really means. By knowing the definition, it will help you change your exercise plan to work on getting the look you desire. Being toned is when your body fat percentage is low enough so that your muscle definition shows through. So with that said, you most likely don’t lookContinue reading “I Exercise All the Time, So Why Don’t I Look More Toned?”

Should You Use Cooking Spray to Cut Calories?

When most of us think about cutting calories, we think about reducing the amount of food we eat. However, cutting out food is not the only way to reduce your calorie intake. You can cut out calories by using alternate cooking preparation techniques. One healthy way is instead of coating your pan with butter, margarine,Continue reading “Should You Use Cooking Spray to Cut Calories?”

How Exercise Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

It’s been proven many times over that exercising can help you look and feel younger, but exactly what kind of exercises should you be doing? Broken down into two broad categories, it should be a mix of cardio and strength training. Cardio Doing anything that raises your heart rate qualifies as cardio training. So whetherContinue reading “How Exercise Can Help You Look and Feel Younger”

Can Stress Make You Gain Weight?

Numerous studies have shown that excessive stress is associated with weight gain.  Dating back to when our ancestors were wearing animal skins and hunting with spears, when the body encountered a fight or flee situation, it released a series of hormones as a response to the situation. While our fight or flee situation today mayContinue reading “Can Stress Make You Gain Weight?”

Why Fat Free Foods Are Not Always the Best Choice for Your Health

Just because a food is labeled fat-free, it may not be a good choice for you. Many fat-free foods contain more sugar or artificial sweeteners, which are even worse, than their full-fat or sugar counterpart. And sugar is only the beginning. Because fat adds taste to a product, fat-free foods often have other chemicals addedContinue reading “Why Fat Free Foods Are Not Always the Best Choice for Your Health”

How to Stop Seeing Exercise as Something Negative

With all of the nutritional nightmares in today’s normal diet which make you inactive and sloth-like, it’s easy to see exercise as something you would rather avoid. Your body is the most amazing machine ever created, and it tends to become accustomed to whatever type of activity habits you program it with. A human bodyContinue reading “How to Stop Seeing Exercise as Something Negative”

Feed Your Body What It Needs to Excel

If your body isn’t getting the foods and nutrients it needs to function properly, then don’t expect your brain to respond appropriately when it’s called upon, either.  Some people spend more money and time feeding the right diet to their pets or selecting proper additives for their cars than they do for themselves. Your brainContinue reading “Feed Your Body What It Needs to Excel”

4 Exercises to Increase Your Flexibility

Many people practice both cardio and strength training routines as part of their fitness plan, but fail to include exercises that would increase their flexibility. Not only does being more flexible benefit you in the gym by lessening your risk of an injury and increasing joint range of motion, it helps you in your dailyContinue reading “4 Exercises to Increase Your Flexibility”

Should You Vary Your Weekly Workouts?

Generally speaking, the short answer is that you don”t necessarily need to vary your weekly workouts. However, there can be some situations that require you to make a change to your workout routine. When What You’re Doing Stops Working Sooner or later, you will hit a plateau. As you work through your same routine dayContinue reading “Should You Vary Your Weekly Workouts?”

Eight Healthy Superfoods to Add to Your Child’s Lunch

Making sure the kids are properly prepared for school doesn’t end with providing them with school supplies. All of the school supplies in the world will do nothing if a child doesn’t have the right nutrients for his or her brain. And a hungry belly never does anyone any good either. So when it comesContinue reading “Eight Healthy Superfoods to Add to Your Child’s Lunch”

Relationship Woes and Eating Don’t Mix

Each of us has had a good relationship end when we didn’t want it to.  Or maybe you’’re just going through a rough patch in a marriage.  Where do some turn to obscure their sorrows over this pain?  Food! Unfortunately, food tends to become your friend when you need a shoulder to cry on orContinue reading “Relationship Woes and Eating Don’t Mix”

Does Outdoor Exercise Help More With Depression?

The benefits of outdoor exercise have been confirmed. And it appears that, in many cases, outdoor exercise better aids in beating depression and negative moods than working out indoors. A revealing study conducted by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry concluded that outdoor exercise in a natural environment contributes to your mental and physicalContinue reading “Does Outdoor Exercise Help More With Depression?”

Can You Learn to Enjoy Exercise in Itself?

As humans, we do things based on a perceived expected outcome. When you first start exercising, it may be for a specific purpose such as losing weight, toning muscles, building strength, or to experience one of many other benefits exercising can bring to us. But once we achieve the outcome we expect, what keeps usContinue reading “Can You Learn to Enjoy Exercise in Itself?”

Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?

Yoga physically burns fewer calories than traditional exercising like jogging or running. But because of the internal and external changes your physical body undertakes when you consistently practice yoga, you can find yourself losing more weight than when you perform more intense exercises over time. Beth Lewis is an Associate Professor at the University ofContinue reading “Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?”

3 Things You Should Know About Building Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass is a process requiring determination, patience, and the desire to succeed. But to be successful, you should know these three things before embarking on your bodybuilding journey: You have to eat more calories to gain muscle Overloading your muscles builds mass In the process of building muscle, you’ll also gain some fat.Continue reading “3 Things You Should Know About Building Muscle Mass”

Healthy School Lunches for Your High Schooler

It is important that even your teen continues to eat healthy. It might be a little harder to know exactly what he or she is eating when you’re not around, so it’s all that much more important that you provide them with a healthy and appealing lunch. Get your teen involved in choosing and evenContinue reading “Healthy School Lunches for Your High Schooler”

Five Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Grade School Students

Making lunch for your grade school child can be tricky. Finding something he (or she) will eat that’s healthy and packs well is no easy task for sure. We have come up with five healthy lunches you can send your grade school student to school with that he or she going to love. And bestContinue reading “Five Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Grade School Students”

How to Curb the Late Night Urges for a Snack

What you eat for breakfast may very well affect your urge to eat at night. That’s right. Studies based on blood samples and brain activity scans prove that eating a breakfast high in protein in the morning can curb your desire to eat after supper. But what if you have those after-supper or late nightContinue reading “How to Curb the Late Night Urges for a Snack”

How Exercise Can Improve Your Posture

Over time, and without frequent exercising, our desk and computer jobs take their toll on our back and consequently our posture. Eventually our abdominal core muscles start to get weak and we begin to get a slouch to our posture instead of standing up straight. Maybe it is already happening to you. The Advantages ofContinue reading “How Exercise Can Improve Your Posture”

Why is Belly Fat More Dangerous than Other Types of Fat?

There are two main types of fat: subcutaneous and visceral. The first type, subcutaneous, is found just under the skin. Visceral fat, also known as belly fat, is found behind the stomach muscles, in the abdominal cavity, and around many of our internal organs. While you may think fat is fat, the two types areContinue reading “Why is Belly Fat More Dangerous than Other Types of Fat?”

How to Cook Healthy AND Tasty Vegetables

Many people trying to cut calories don’t like cooked vegetables. But if prepared properly using the methods below, you may just gain a new appreciation for this healthy lifestyle staple: Steamed Timing is the key to cooking vegetables with this method. When done properly, steamed vegetables are crisp, tasty, and of course nutritious. Cauliflower takesContinue reading “How to Cook Healthy AND Tasty Vegetables”

5 Healthy Snack Ideas For Staying Healthy And Productive At Work

Work days can seem long and tiring, and everyone needs a little pick-me-up once in every few hours. Sure, you may eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to schedule, but sometimes in between, energy levels can crash and leave you wanting to go to dreamland. This is where snacks can come in very handy. However,Continue reading “5 Healthy Snack Ideas For Staying Healthy And Productive At Work”

How Often Do You Need to Exercise and How Long Will It Take to Help Depression?

You may have heard that exercising can help fight depression. But how long do you have to exercise before you start feeling better? And can you exercise once a month, do you have to exercise once a week, or should you be working out every day? What type of the schedule do you need toContinue reading “How Often Do You Need to Exercise and How Long Will It Take to Help Depression?”

Can Dancing Help You Lose Weight?

Dancing is an aerobic form of exercise, which can be sensual, exhilarating, and socially fun. But can dancing help you lose weight? Aerobic exercises are great for your heart and help improve your circulation. They also improve overall muscle tone and are good for your lungs. Did you know some healthcare and fitness professionals alsoContinue reading “Can Dancing Help You Lose Weight?”

Five-Minute Relaxation Tips for When You Only Have a Few Minutes to Yourself

Relaxation is a vital part of the day. Although you may feel that you don’t have time for it, it’s important to make it happen. Taking time for relaxation every day is great for one’s health. Here are some five-minute relaxation tips that you can use throughout your day whenever you have the opportunity. SitContinue reading “Five-Minute Relaxation Tips for When You Only Have a Few Minutes to Yourself”

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