Starting an Online Business: How to Set Clear Goals

If you are starting an online business, you are joining the ranks of hundreds of thousands of others. There are many tasks to achieve when it comes to your online business. One of the most important and perhaps the most beneficial ways to achieve success is to set clear goals for your business. There areContinue reading “Starting an Online Business: How to Set Clear Goals”

4 Key Ways To Positively Address Financial Worries And Concerns

Have you ever had trouble sleeping because you were worried about your finances? Have you ever avoided checking your bank account balance because you’re afraid to look? You’re not alone. In their latest “Stress in America” survey, the American Psychological Association found that 72 percent of Americans reported feeling stressed about money during the previousContinue reading “4 Key Ways To Positively Address Financial Worries And Concerns”

4 Benefits of Strong Negotiation Skills

When most people think of negotiation skills, they think of corporate types in suits battling it out after a boardroom table. While negotiation skills are certainly important for this type of environment, they can be used for so much more than that. Buying a car? Negotiation skills can help you get a good deal. ShoppingContinue reading “4 Benefits of Strong Negotiation Skills”

What Self-Discipline Means and Why It Is Important

We’ve all heard the term ‘self-discipline’ thrown around, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we completely understand it and its benefits. If you’ve been thinking about building your self-discipline but want to make sure it’s the right area for you to invest in, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a quick guideContinue reading “What Self-Discipline Means and Why It Is Important”

The Antidote To Fear Is Education And Preparedness

Fear is a completely normal part of life. Maybe you’re afraid of spiders or other critters. Perhaps you’re fearful of losing your loved ones to illness. Or it’s possible you’re terrified of what you don’t know, the unknown. Regardless of what your fears are or where they come from, one thing is for sure: TheContinue reading “The Antidote To Fear Is Education And Preparedness”

How to Communicate More Confidently

We often have many opportunities to demonstrate our confidence or lack thereof, but perhaps the most obvious example is when we are talking to an individual or a group. Those who have low self-esteem or limited confidence are likely to mutter, to sputter, and to avoid eye contact. Those who are highly confident and sureContinue reading “How to Communicate More Confidently”

Beyond the Home – Tips for Decluttering Your Life

Clutter does not only happen at home. In fact, it also can happen in your mind, your body, your schedule, your finances, and your workspace. Unfortunately, chances are that if you have clutter in one of those areas, you most likely have clutter in all of those areas. If you have been trying to conquerContinue reading “Beyond the Home – Tips for Decluttering Your Life”

Dress for Success Even When Working from Home

Working from home is still work. It’s your skills and labor that make you a professional, not your location. Just because your home base isn’t an office building doesn’t make you any less serious about your business venture. One way to “get into character” is to look the part. Getting into Character You are playingContinue reading “Dress for Success Even When Working from Home”

Do You Really Need an Emergency Fund?

Some may question the necessity of an emergency fund. After all, is it really necessary? How do you go about it? Does it need to be a huge amount? Here are some ideas and suggestions that should help answer these questions. Is an Emergency Fund Necessary? Generally speaking, yes, an emergency fund is necessary. WhatContinue reading “Do You Really Need an Emergency Fund?”

Creating A Family Budget

You’ve probably heard that getting everyone involved is important to the success of your family budget. But you may be wondering if that’s really necessary, or how to even do it. Here are some ideas and tips for getting everyone on board with your family budget. Be Open Sometimes parents try to hide their financialContinue reading “Creating A Family Budget”

Incorporate a Set Time for Mindless Fun

As they say, all work and no play makes you dull. But what it really does is make you stressed out and ineffective. If you really want to be good at your job and productive every single day, setting aside time for mindless fun each and every day is imperative. Being mindless for a littleContinue reading “Incorporate a Set Time for Mindless Fun”

SMART Time Management

You’ve probably heard the acronym, SMART; Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.  This is an ideal way to create a time management system for your work or personal life.  Or you can use these criteria to evaluate a time management and day planner system that you might purchase. Specific: Your time management system must be ableContinue reading “SMART Time Management”

What Are Effective Family Budgets

Having a family budget means, for some people, whipping out the calculator at every purchase, or viewing the budget on their mobile device in the grocery store. For others, a family budget is just a formality and they never really glance at it. Between these extremes are those who sort of use their family budgetContinue reading “What Are Effective Family Budgets”

Get More Done by Doing Less – Organize Your Family’s Time

When you think of organizing your family, you probably first think of everyone’s stuff. It’s true that cleaning up and organizing a messy house are part of family organization; but did you ever stop to think of how organizing your family’s time is just as important? In fact, you may find that you can getContinue reading “Get More Done by Doing Less – Organize Your Family’s Time”

Benefits of Organizing Your Home

Maybe you’ve heard that being organized is very helpful, or perhaps you would like to be more organized but can’t see how it would help. What’s the big deal? Are there any real benefits to being organized other than bragging rights? Actually, there are! Here are some of the benefits of organizing your home. FoundContinue reading “Benefits of Organizing Your Home”

How to Use Motivation Rewards to Reach Your Goals

Using rewards to reach a goal is not uncommon.  It’s done all the time in business as employers reward their employees with bonuses, trips, and days off for a job well done.  Retail stores motivate their customers to shop with them by offering discounts and loyalty cards you get punched each time you buy somethingContinue reading “How to Use Motivation Rewards to Reach Your Goals”

Credit Counseling Costs

What does credit consulting really cost? Believe it or not, when you talk to a credit consulting agency, they often won’t give you many of the most important numbers. They might phrase their charge as a monthly amount rather than an interest rate number, artificially lowering the perceived cost. When considering a credit consulting agency,Continue reading “Credit Counseling Costs”

How Organizing Your Family Benefits Everyone

There are benefits to organizing besides just a neater home. In fact, the entire family can gain from getting organized. Here are some ways that organizing time, stuff, and schedules can benefit everyone. Finding Stuff How many family fights begin with someone unable to find something? For example, the ever-elusive remote control seems to beContinue reading “How Organizing Your Family Benefits Everyone”

Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Soul?

Economics professors will teach you that competition is good for business, especially for the consumer.  Competition keeps a business or person on his best behavior and the result is the best for all concerned.  It keeps the other person from gaining an unfair advantage as they continue to compete for more business or whatever favorContinue reading “Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Soul?”

Is Debt Relief Better Than Bankruptcy

Is debt relief a better option than bankruptcy if you’re having financial troubles? There are strong arguments for both sides. There’s actually no hard and fast answer to the issue. It depends entirely upon your own financial situation. These are some of the most important things to consider. The Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy TheContinue reading “Is Debt Relief Better Than Bankruptcy”

Organizing Your Family – Getting Started

To get started organizing your family, it helps to get specific. General tips are fine, but really knowing just what to do can help a lot with motivating you toward your organizational goals. Following are some tips on getting started organizing your family. Time Organizing time is just as important as organizing your stuff. IfContinue reading “Organizing Your Family – Getting Started”

The Pros and Cons of Consolidating Your Debts

There’s nothing quite as stressful as managing your cash when you have debt. One payment is often enough to manage. However, if you have multiple debts it can be completely overwhelming. Many people turn to debt consolidation loans to help them manage their monthly cash flow. This can be a great idea. However, it doesContinue reading “The Pros and Cons of Consolidating Your Debts”

Saving Money on Cleaning Products

Cleaning is a necessary chore if we want our homes to look presentable. In your monthly budget you can save money on cleaning supplies with a few simple tips. All those television commercials tout the latest and greatest cleaning solution. “If you want to remove tough stains fast, try this product.” “If you want toContinue reading “Saving Money on Cleaning Products”

Pros and Cons of Staging a Home for a Quick Sale

If you have been trying to sell your home during a difficult market and find that it has taken far longer than you had anticipated, you may be considering hiring a professional home stager. If so, you will want to know the pros and cons before pursuing. The first task in staging your home isContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Staging a Home for a Quick Sale”

Be Aware of Rogue Debt Management Companies

Debt is nothing new in society today, but during it can get even worse – especially for those who were not having problems before. When you notice that your debt is mounting, the best option might be to seek help from good professional sources. But how can you be sure that the debt management companyContinue reading “Be Aware of Rogue Debt Management Companies”

How to Choose the Right Work at Home Business for You

Working at home is a great way to balance your family life with your need to earn money, but you need to seriously sit down and figure out whether you want a product-based business or a service-based business. Both product and service based business sell a product, but in one case the product is tangibleContinue reading “How to Choose the Right Work at Home Business for You”

Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Chaos. Everything is crashing down around you. Your life feels like the second half of Titanic when the ship is sinking but also on fire. What do you do? How do you stay calm? Try Grounding In mindfulness circles, “grounding” is the process of “getting back to what’s real.” Ask yourself, realistically, ‘What’s the worstContinue reading “Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos”

Do You Feel Powerless Over Yourself and Your Life?

When you can acknowledge how powerful you are, you will finally have power over your life. When you are feeling powerless, it is because you have lost sight of your power, you have given away to others, or you lack the confidence to embrace your own strength and capacity. If you are feeling powerless inContinue reading “Do You Feel Powerless Over Yourself and Your Life?”

Financial Concerns for New Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest reasons people talk themselves out of being an entrepreneur is money, or lack thereof.  And then there are those who go all in but with limited resources.  They immediately feel the pressures to succeed, and succeed fast, because time and money are in short supply.  Especially in the beginning phase ofContinue reading “Financial Concerns for New Entrepreneurs”

Are You Overthinking Too Much in Your Life?

Have there been times in your life where you’ve felt like the simplest decisions and tasks become high-pressure situations? Many people feel like absolutely every decision they face is a high-pressure situation; they overthink everything they do, are filled with anxiety, and find it incredibly difficult to make even the simplest decisions, like what toContinue reading “Are You Overthinking Too Much in Your Life?”

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