Defaulting on Your Student Loans? What Happens Next?

Student loans are one of the most common strategies to pay for college. As college gets more and more expensive, more and more people are turning to student loans. And with the economy in a bit of a recession, more and more people are struggling to make their payments. One consequence is to default on […]

Common Goal Setting Obstacles and How to Maneuver around Them

Many people have issues with goal setting due to simultaneously setting limiting obstacles in their own way. Some of the most common barriers to goal setting involve fear and lack of belief in yourself enough to even set a goal, much less follow steps toward achieving them. But knowing some of the most common goal […]

How to Use Visualization to Achieve Success

What is visualization? For what can it be used? There is a lot of talk about visualization these days, and it may seem confusing. It’s more than daydreaming, different than meditation, and not a religious belief. Here is a brief explanation of visualization and how it’s used. What Is It? Visualization involves seeing yourself in […]

The Art of Letting Go – Tips for Getting Rid of Sentimental Items

Television programs and blogs on the internet talk about the problems associated with clutter. Sometimes people keep the items because they hoard things. Others have collections that get out of hand. Still others hold onto items because of sentimental reasons. When clutter is causing stress or frustrations, it is time to learn the art of […]

Using Stories and Reviews to Build Trust in Your Business

Building a solid business reputation takes time and energy. If you want your business to prosper and survive, then building trust with your customers is extremely important. This is very true for online businesses today as they often lack in the physical customer/owner relationship. With so many business going online, you don’t get many salesmen […]

Gone Overboard with Your Finances? How to Get Back on Track

Going overboard with your finances is not hard to accomplish. Experts have said that the average American family owes $7,500 in credit card debt. If that were not enough, many people now owe more than their home is even worth. But all is not lost. A budget can be implemented at any time, so pull […]

Turning Away from Consumerism

There is a movement afoot, and it’s away from consumerism. Consumerism is the basic idea that increased consumption of goods is economically advantageous, even necessary. Today, though, a new zeal for frugality is coming to the fore. When you think of moving away from consumerism, it sounds a lot like self-denial, which doesn’t necessarily hold […]

Put It in Writing: Set a Schedule for Managing Time and Stick to It

The hardest part about time management is making a real commitment to following a schedule. It can be especially difficult for people who want to work for themselves to work on any type of schedule. It can feel wrong somehow to keep a schedule as an entrepreneur. However, keeping a schedule is going to increase […]

How to Find Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

One of the biggest mistakes people make when seeking to achieve a goal is to wait for inspiration and motivation. Imagine if everyone on this planet waited for motivation to get work done. Productivity would drop to nothing and our economy would collapse. Since productivity has improved over the years, it’s not likely that it […]

Debt Techniques to Try before Seeking Professional Help

Going to a debt consolidation agency should be avoided if at all possible. Millions of people all around the world who were in debt manage to climb out of debt without the help of such agencies. Here are some techniques you can and should try before resorting to debt consolidation. Cut Up Your Credit Cards […]

Menus and Meal Planning – How to Organize Family Meals

Does it ever seem like the tasks of menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation take far too much time? Do you feel like you live at the grocery store, always running to get that one thing you lack in a recipe, or the main ingredient in what you spontaneously decided to have for dinner? […]

Are You Overcommitted? How to Cut Back and Live a Simpler Life

There are so many rich experiences life has to offer us. Between work, volunteering, hobbies, sports, and leisure, it is easy to book too much in and be constantly on the go without a moment to ourselves. Sometimes we find that we have bitten off more than we can chew and become completely overwhelmed. True, […]

Steps To Being A Physically Fit Family

When your entire family is working together towards a common goal, no matter what it is, your chance of success improves dramatically. The old joke asks, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is, “One bite at a time.” When your family is also focused on helping you eat the elephant, a seemingly impossible […]

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