5 Ways to Learn Patience

There is a decades-old children’s song that goes like this – “Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry. When you get impatient, you only start to worry.” (Herbert the Snail, written by Sherry Saunders and Frank Fernandez) There’s a powerful message in that song because anyone who deals with impatience knows whatContinue reading “5 Ways to Learn Patience”

The First 5 Things to Do After a Life-Altering Event

No one escapes a major life change. It is painful to know that you’ve lost something you don’t know how to live without. Whether it’s a job, a relationship or something else entirely, there are things you can and should do after experiencing a major loss. Let Go of Blame Sometimes things just happen. SometimesContinue reading “The First 5 Things to Do After a Life-Altering Event”

Why Do We Lose Willpower with Time?

We’ve all experienced the loss of willpower throughout the day. We start early in the morning with all the enthusiasm and drive we can muster. We have no problem avoiding temptations and aren’t tempted to give in to our impulses. Then as the day goes by it’s getting harder and harder to resist. By theContinue reading “Why Do We Lose Willpower with Time?”

Thinking Small to Go Big

Did you know that only eight percent of people reach their goals? That’s right! And the other 92 percent often fail within just weeks or months. According to researchers, what differentiates the two comes down to one simple thing: setting specific and challenging goals. However, this doesn’t mean you should try to do everything atContinue reading “Thinking Small to Go Big”

The Connection Between Emotions and Willpower

On some days it’s easy to find the willpower to delay instant gratification for the greater good or to get a step closer to a long-term goal. On other days it’s a lot harder to do the same. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. You’re doing well with your healthy diet and eating less for aContinue reading “The Connection Between Emotions and Willpower”

Perseverance: How Beliefs Affect Motivation

Perseverance can be defined as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It is our ability to stay committed to a thing even amid hardships and even when the particular goal we are working towards is not quickly obtained (Shahid, 2018). Perseverance is also tightly linked to grit, a term coinedContinue reading “Perseverance: How Beliefs Affect Motivation”

5 Ways to Stay Motivated No Matter What

Losing motivation? It happens to the best of us. But there are tricks to staying motivated, many of which involve taking a hard look at your goals. With a little preparation and solid planning, there’s no reason why you can’t stay motivated all the way through whatever project you’ve set out for yourself. How? 1.Continue reading “5 Ways to Stay Motivated No Matter What”

Create Habits to Stay Motivated

It should come as no surprise that the habits we form will determine our success or failure. After all, habits already dictate a lot about our lives. If we, for example, eat large amounts of food regularly and don’t exercise, we can expect to have physical consequences for our actions. That’s why it’s important toContinue reading “Create Habits to Stay Motivated”

Finding Professional Help to Protect Your Mental and Emotional Health

When as a society we think of getting and being healthy, we typically think of physical aspects. We think of losing weight, gaining muscle, and looking athletic. What most of us fail to remember is that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Mental health disorders are real and often treatable.Continue reading “Finding Professional Help to Protect Your Mental and Emotional Health”

Discipline is Empowering

You may think that developing discipline is about limitations. This thought has probably been reinforced by previous attempts at changing your bad habits. But actually, it can be very empowering to develop discipline. Think back to when you managed to make a change in behavior that was successful, how did you feel? When you overcomeContinue reading “Discipline is Empowering”

How Professional Help Can Help You Maintain Mental and Emotional Health During Uncertain Times

Back in 2004, the American Psychological Association found that nearly 60 million people had visited a mental health professional in the previous two years. Thankfully, the negative stigma associated with getting professional help is no longer as significant in America as it used to be. There are plenty of benefits of working with a counselorContinue reading “How Professional Help Can Help You Maintain Mental and Emotional Health During Uncertain Times”

Tips to Increase Trust in Yourself

You may have a difficult time trusting yourself. Don’t despair. You are not alone. It is something that many people experience and find difficult to overcome. When you lose trust in others, you start to lose trust in yourself. To help you overcome this problem, you need to focus on key aspects of trust. TheContinue reading “Tips to Increase Trust in Yourself”

Staying Grounded In a Chaotic World

The world that we are living in today is anything but peaceful and predictable. It seems that every day there is some new tragedy or cause for fear that demands every ounce of our attention. These incidents come from every direction and in all shapes and sizes. Whether a personal issue arises that completely disruptsContinue reading “Staying Grounded In a Chaotic World”

5 Tips for Healthy Management of Painful and Fear-Based Emotions

At some point in our lives we all deal with painful and negative emotions. Whether those emotions are fear, anxiety, resentment, or other fear-based emotions, if we do not learn to manage those emotions properly, they can get the best of us and destroy us. Identify the Emotion You cannot properly address something you cannotContinue reading “5 Tips for Healthy Management of Painful and Fear-Based Emotions”

Preventing Depression: Signs To Look For

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 300 million people across the globe have depression. Left untreated, depression can increase your risk of dying by suicide, put you at increased risk for developing cardiovascular diseases, and negatively impact your social and physical health. However, depression isn’t typically a condition that develops overnight, so keeping anContinue reading “Preventing Depression: Signs To Look For”

Accepting the Reality of COVID-19 Without Letting Its Worries Consume You

Don’t touch your face! Wash your hands if you do! Wash your hands if you don’t! Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer as often as possible! By this point, your nerves are frayed, and your hands chapped from all the handwashing and sanitizing. It has been a lot. Of course, that’s nothing compared to thoseContinue reading “Accepting the Reality of COVID-19 Without Letting Its Worries Consume You”

Reducing the Cognitive And Emotional Load Of COVID-Related Challenges

If one thing is true of COVID-19, it’s that our resilience has been truly put to the test. If your mind has been consumed by news about COVID, conversations on COVID, and calculations of COVID statistics, then you’re not alone. With our minds so consumed by what’s going on, it’s no wonder so many peopleContinue reading “Reducing the Cognitive And Emotional Load Of COVID-Related Challenges”

How Can I Make a Difference? By Starting Small

Little things can make the biggest impact. Something as simple as reading a book could lead to a major career shift. A tiny mistake in your social media campaign could ruin your brand. There are plenty of examples of very small things that have great impact – and the same applies to your daily life.Continue reading “How Can I Make a Difference? By Starting Small”

Know Your Red Flags While Managing COVID-Related Stress

Isn’t it incredible to think that just a few months ago we’d never heard the term COVID-19? While coronaviruses have long existed, this coronavirus did not. That didn’t stop it from transforming our entire world though. Life has now changed beyond recognition, professionally and personally. Some people have been enduring lockdown all on their own,Continue reading “Know Your Red Flags While Managing COVID-Related Stress”

4 Key Ways To Positively Address Financial Worries And Concerns

Have you ever had trouble sleeping because you were worried about your finances? Have you ever avoided checking your bank account balance because you’re afraid to look? You’re not alone. In their latest “Stress in America” survey, the American Psychological Association found that 72 percent of Americans reported feeling stressed about money during the previousContinue reading “4 Key Ways To Positively Address Financial Worries And Concerns”

What Self-Discipline Means and Why It Is Important

We’ve all heard the term ‘self-discipline’ thrown around, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we completely understand it and its benefits. If you’ve been thinking about building your self-discipline but want to make sure it’s the right area for you to invest in, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a quick guideContinue reading “What Self-Discipline Means and Why It Is Important”

The Antidote To Fear Is Education And Preparedness

Fear is a completely normal part of life. Maybe you’re afraid of spiders or other critters. Perhaps you’re fearful of losing your loved ones to illness. Or it’s possible you’re terrified of what you don’t know, the unknown. Regardless of what your fears are or where they come from, one thing is for sure: TheContinue reading “The Antidote To Fear Is Education And Preparedness”

Protecting Your Mental Health During Times of Fear, Crisis, and Uncertainty

How the Current State of Events Can Harm Mental Health How Traumatic Events Affect Our Mental Health and Our Lives Signs of Mental and Emotional Distress Risk of Depression The Pitfalls of Social Isolation Managing Anxiety During Stressful Times Focusing on Brights Spots and Avoiding the Landmines Setting Appropriate Boundaries with Yourself and Others MaintainingContinue reading “Protecting Your Mental Health During Times of Fear, Crisis, and Uncertainty”

Beyond the Home – Tips for Decluttering Your Life

Clutter does not only happen at home. In fact, it also can happen in your mind, your body, your schedule, your finances, and your workspace. Unfortunately, chances are that if you have clutter in one of those areas, you most likely have clutter in all of those areas. If you have been trying to conquerContinue reading “Beyond the Home – Tips for Decluttering Your Life”

Dress for Success Even When Working from Home

Working from home is still work. It’s your skills and labor that make you a professional, not your location. Just because your home base isn’t an office building doesn’t make you any less serious about your business venture. One way to “get into character” is to look the part. Getting into Character You are playingContinue reading “Dress for Success Even When Working from Home”

Incorporate a Set Time for Mindless Fun

As they say, all work and no play makes you dull. But what it really does is make you stressed out and ineffective. If you really want to be good at your job and productive every single day, setting aside time for mindless fun each and every day is imperative. Being mindless for a littleContinue reading “Incorporate a Set Time for Mindless Fun”

How to Use Motivation Rewards to Reach Your Goals

Using rewards to reach a goal is not uncommon.  It’s done all the time in business as employers reward their employees with bonuses, trips, and days off for a job well done.  Retail stores motivate their customers to shop with them by offering discounts and loyalty cards you get punched each time you buy somethingContinue reading “How to Use Motivation Rewards to Reach Your Goals”

Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Soul?

Economics professors will teach you that competition is good for business, especially for the consumer.  Competition keeps a business or person on his best behavior and the result is the best for all concerned.  It keeps the other person from gaining an unfair advantage as they continue to compete for more business or whatever favorContinue reading “Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Soul?”

Are You Inspired By Self-Motivation?

Finding the key to self-motivation is finding the key to success and happiness.  It can be an elusive key, as self-motivation is a difficult concept to understand and implement.  Self-motivation can be defined as the ability to achieve a goal or a desire without being helped or influenced by someone else.  In other words, youContinue reading “Are You Inspired By Self-Motivation?”

Why Exercise Makes You Feel Happy

You have probably noticed you have a boost of self-esteem and positive energy after you exercise. Even long after working out, jogging, or biking, you find yourself smiling more and even feeling better about your life and those around you. Why is that? It is because exercise makes human beings happy. But how does thisContinue reading “Why Exercise Makes You Feel Happy”

Stress Management Activities that Work

Identifying stress  symptoms may be fairly easy. In fact, some people find it as a regular part of their lives that there is no need to exert effort in order to verify that they are, indeed, stressed out. The real challenge comes in finding ways to manage stress so it would not interfere with one’sContinue reading “Stress Management Activities that Work”

Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Chaos. Everything is crashing down around you. Your life feels like the second half of Titanic when the ship is sinking but also on fire. What do you do? How do you stay calm? Try Grounding In mindfulness circles, “grounding” is the process of “getting back to what’s real.” Ask yourself, realistically, ‘What’s the worstContinue reading “Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos”

Do You Feel Powerless Over Yourself and Your Life?

When you can acknowledge how powerful you are, you will finally have power over your life. When you are feeling powerless, it is because you have lost sight of your power, you have given away to others, or you lack the confidence to embrace your own strength and capacity. If you are feeling powerless inContinue reading “Do You Feel Powerless Over Yourself and Your Life?”

How Exercising Helps with Anxiety

You probably already know that exercising is a productive way to keep physically fit, manage your weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and give you energy. But the benefits of moving your body go far beyond physical. There are also many mental and emotional benefits of regular exercise, including helping with your mental health. Though theContinue reading “How Exercising Helps with Anxiety”

Happiness Means Risking Feeling Vulnerable

When you think of happiness, you don’t often think of being vulnerable. However, to truly feel happy and confident in your choices, you have to be prepared to experience moments of vulnerability. This is typically seen when individuals must make decisions or changes in order to be happier. While the choices are hard, they certainlyContinue reading “Happiness Means Risking Feeling Vulnerable”

Are You Overthinking Too Much in Your Life?

Have there been times in your life where you’ve felt like the simplest decisions and tasks become high-pressure situations? Many people feel like absolutely every decision they face is a high-pressure situation; they overthink everything they do, are filled with anxiety, and find it incredibly difficult to make even the simplest decisions, like what toContinue reading “Are You Overthinking Too Much in Your Life?”

5 Signs That You Are a Genuine Person

There is a Native American saying that no one is nobody, everyone should be somebody, but some people are anybody. You probably know some “anybodies.” You know the type – they change the way that they walk, talk, dress, and maybe even think, based on who is around. But, do anybodies know that they’re anybodies?Continue reading “5 Signs That You Are a Genuine Person”

Creating a Personal Development Plan

You’ve probably heard the saying before, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” However, even understanding that comment, we often forget about it in our personal lives. Most of the time, we apply that type of rational thought to our work life while sadly forgetting that planning our personal development is alsoContinue reading “Creating a Personal Development Plan”

Achieving Self-Awareness and Its Benefits

What Is Self-Awareness? Essentially, it’s knowing the state of your internal self, your intuitions, preferences, resources, and skills. Really, it’s about knowing that there is one thing you control in this life and it’s your perception of your world. It’s much easier to navigate difficult and unexpected situations when you are in tune with yourContinue reading “Achieving Self-Awareness and Its Benefits”

Emotional Maturity

Without a doubt, emotions are one of the most powerful responses that any person can have. Emotions influence our thought processes, hence affecting our overall wellbeing. Emotional maturity is the ability to understand and effectively manage your full range of emotional responses in a manner that sustains good health. In the quest for self-improvement, havingContinue reading “Emotional Maturity”

Being Proactive for Your Own Goals and Dreams

If you ever want to achieve your goals in life, you have to be proactive. You can’t be passive in the way you go through life and expect to come out ahead in the end. Those who are passive in life tend to fulfill others’ goals and dreams or just coast through life. In thisContinue reading “Being Proactive for Your Own Goals and Dreams”

Choosing Your Exercise for a Relaxed Mind

Exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. The mind and body benefit in many ways from simple daily exercises. It is well known that exercise can lead to an improved physique. However, exercise can also improve the function of the brain as well. Exercise releases endorphins. These are neurotransmitters that create a senseContinue reading “Choosing Your Exercise for a Relaxed Mind”

Living in Harmony with Yourself

Living in harmony with yourself is a large concept to unpack. The notion that you have to know yourself from all aspects could seem daunting to individuals who suffer from self-esteem issues. But as overwhelming as living harmoniously with yourself might sound, you have the ability to do so. In fact, implementing this practice intoContinue reading “Living in Harmony with Yourself”

Dealing with Psychological Clutter

Changing the way, you think about things in your everyday life can be challenging. It requires that you change your pattern of thoughts or to reduce the mental clutter. Psychological clutter is a collection of multiple components including stress, thoughts, levels of satisfaction with life, and mental health. The word ‘clutter’ may elicit images ofContinue reading “Dealing with Psychological Clutter”

Do You Deal with Your Feelings?

Destructive behavior is often associated with individuals not dealing with their emotions in a healthy way. Repressed emotions are often referred to as “festered anger” just waiting to be released. And insurmountable joy often results in tears because the emotions are so overwhelming. Those are examples of three different emotions with very different outcomes. However,Continue reading “Do You Deal with Your Feelings?”

Be Accepting of Yourself While Striving for Greatness

There is absolutely no way for you to be successful and reach your goals until you accept who you are. You have to like yourself and what you do before anyone else will. The world detects how you feel about yourself and often simply shares the opinion you have about who you are. Be yourselfContinue reading “Be Accepting of Yourself While Striving for Greatness”

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