Perseverance: How Beliefs Affect Motivation

Perseverance can be defined as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It is our ability to stay committed to a thing even amid hardships and even when the particular goal we are working towards is not quickly obtained (Shahid, 2018). Perseverance is also tightly linked to grit, a term coinedContinue reading “Perseverance: How Beliefs Affect Motivation”

Protecting Your Mental Health During Times of Fear, Crisis, and Uncertainty

How the Current State of Events Can Harm Mental Health How Traumatic Events Affect Our Mental Health and Our Lives Signs of Mental and Emotional Distress Risk of Depression The Pitfalls of Social Isolation Managing Anxiety During Stressful Times Focusing on Brights Spots and Avoiding the Landmines Setting Appropriate Boundaries with Yourself and Others MaintainingContinue reading “Protecting Your Mental Health During Times of Fear, Crisis, and Uncertainty”

21 Productivity Ideas to Get More Done When Working at Home

If you’re working from home, then your ability to get lots done and stay on task is going to have a huge, direct impact on your lifestyle and happiness. Finish early and you have the option to simply head downstairs, make a cup of coffee and start relaxing! There’s no commute, no boss looking overContinue reading “21 Productivity Ideas to Get More Done When Working at Home”

Internet Marketing for Complete Beginners

So, you want to get started with internet marketing? As an internet marketer, you’ll be able to earn money from the comfort of your home, with no limit as to how far you can scale and grow your business. It’s highly rewarding, and it’s a skill that you can use to land jobs or marketContinue reading “Internet Marketing for Complete Beginners”

Creating a Personal Development Plan

You’ve probably heard the saying before, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” However, even understanding that comment, we often forget about it in our personal lives. Most of the time, we apply that type of rational thought to our work life while sadly forgetting that planning our personal development is alsoContinue reading “Creating a Personal Development Plan”

Achieving Self-Awareness and Its Benefits

What Is Self-Awareness? Essentially, it’s knowing the state of your internal self, your intuitions, preferences, resources, and skills. Really, it’s about knowing that there is one thing you control in this life and it’s your perception of your world. It’s much easier to navigate difficult and unexpected situations when you are in tune with yourContinue reading “Achieving Self-Awareness and Its Benefits”

Overcoming Negative Beliefs that Limit Your Achievements

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from accomplishing a dream or goal that you have? That little voice in your head that makes you question what you want to do and you end up talking yourself out of doing it? And in the end, you justify why you can’t or shouldn’tContinue reading “Overcoming Negative Beliefs that Limit Your Achievements”

Awakening the Passion in Your Life

Understanding Passion  “A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means.”– William Hazlitt Do you wake up every day excited to get out of bed? Do you feel like you are living your own dreams? If not, it could be that you have yetContinue reading “Awakening the Passion in Your Life”

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs don’t fail because of business reasons. Business strategy is often easy to correct or fix. What’s more difficult to fix is the entrepreneur. The more you can accomplish, the higher your chances of success. Your productivity and time management skills are one of the most significant indicators of whether or not you willContinue reading “Time Management for Entrepreneurs”

Forming a New Good Habit Is Easier than Breaking a Bad One

The Science Of Bad Habits Everyone has at least one bad habit – not one of us is perfect. It may be that you smoke, you may have a chocolate habit, perhaps you skip workouts and watch too much television. All of these bad habits act against your best interests. So, why don’t you justContinue reading “Forming a New Good Habit Is Easier than Breaking a Bad One”

Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas – Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts, and Gifts

Make your loved ones and yourself feel treated and special while still staying true to maintaining healthy, long-term habits. Starting with Breakfast Often Valentine’s Day breakfasts are loaded with sugar and very indulgent, but there are healthier options that can still be cheerful enough to set the mood for the day. And as a bonus,Continue reading “Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas – Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts, and Gifts”

Find Your Strengths And Choose Your Success

Everyone gets to various points in their life where they must do an evaluation to determine which direction to go. If you really want to be successful, you’ll need to take some time to really consider each choice and how it will affect you, not only today, but in the future, even 10 years fromContinue reading “Find Your Strengths And Choose Your Success”

50 Major Payoffs of Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence? Quite simply, it is the ability to understand your own emotions and feelings, as well as those of others. Your understanding of emotions allows you to analyze information and guide your actions and your thinking. To put it even simpler, your emotional intelligence is a collection of skills around your emotionalContinue reading “50 Major Payoffs of Emotional Intelligence”

Constructive Ways to Deal with Failure

What do you do when things just don’t work in your favor? You may have tried something or many things, but for whatever reason failure has plagued you. It’s ok to fail at something. We all do and have at some point. Everyone is different, and not everything is meant for everyone. However, this doesn’tContinue reading “Constructive Ways to Deal with Failure”

Increasing Your Feelings of Self-Worth

Do You Know Your Self-Worth? Do you have good self-esteem? You might not even be aware of it, but it is possible you are suffering from low self-esteem. Maybe you think you feel good about yourself but find certain patterns keep playing out in your life that you wish you could change but you justContinue reading “Increasing Your Feelings of Self-Worth”

Five-Step Plan to Finding Profitable Niches

The Internet is full of blogs and websites that started out well but then fizzled out over time. In many cases,it happens because the business owner didn’t take the time required to research their intended niche carefully to determine whether or not it was a sustainably paying one. They didn’t do the research on whoContinue reading “Five-Step Plan to Finding Profitable Niches”

Healthy Ways to Communicate Your Emotions

Communicating emotions can be a tricky thing. Rarely do we want to come off as being too emotional, but we also do not want to miss the opportunity to communicate what it is we are feeling effectively. Hiding our feelings is not an option in most instances. They are always there. Some are alive andContinue reading “Healthy Ways to Communicate Your Emotions”

Designing the Greatest Me

Choosing to design your life means you are opting to look at your life not just as a goal but as an adventure, as a process rather than a destination. The designed life is one that allows you to choose among many possibilities, to consider multiple pathways, and weigh what energizes you and brings youContinue reading “Designing the Greatest Me”

50 Tips for Healthier Eating During the Holidays

As you probably already know, the holiday season is a part of the year when it becomes a real challenge to eat healthy. You get invited to numerous parties, visit relatives that prepare way too much food, and are constantly surrounded by delicious snacks and desserts that everybody sends you (or you make). When youContinue reading “50 Tips for Healthier Eating During the Holidays”

Making Healthy Dishes with Fall Produce

When fall arrives, you know it is time to start eating all of your favorite comfort dishes. Unfortunately, that also sometimes means eating food and treats that aren’t the best for your health or your waistline. The following tips are going to help you use fall produce, like apples and pumpkin, in a way thatContinue reading “Making Healthy Dishes with Fall Produce”

Motivating Yourself to Achieve Your Summer Fitness Goals

As summer approaches, we often think more about our personal fitness levels. Maybe there are activities we’d like to get out and do as the weather becomes nicer, or maybe we struggle with anxieties about not being covered up in multiple layers of clothing. No matter what your reason, if you want to get fitContinue reading “Motivating Yourself to Achieve Your Summer Fitness Goals”

How to Choose the Right Work at Home Business for You

Working at home is a great way to balance your family life with your need to earn money, but you need to seriously sit down and figure out whether you want a product-based business or a service-based business. Both product and service based business sell a product, but in one case the product is tangibleContinue reading “How to Choose the Right Work at Home Business for You”

The Life-Changing Benefits of Living in Gratitude

A quick check in a thesaurus shows that the following words are opposites, or antonyms, for the word gratitude: Callousness Agitation Ingratitude Thanklessness Desecration Condemnation Think about the emotions attached to those words. What is your emotional state when someone says you are callous, or when you feel agitated? The last time you were ungratefulContinue reading “The Life-Changing Benefits of Living in Gratitude”

Ending the Cycle of Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is easy to do. It seems that human beings are somehow hardwired to look at their own lives and then look at the lives of others, and start comparing and contrasting the two. That doesn’t mean this is a healthy process. Do you ever catch yourself making any of these kindContinue reading “Ending the Cycle of Comparing Yourself to Others”

Improving Your Morning Productivity

Most people admit to being less productive than they would like to be. Then there are those individuals that seem to be able to squeeze 2 or 3 days’ worth of production out of 24 hours. The result is definitely not a difference in willpower or effort. This is not a case where most unproductiveContinue reading “Improving Your Morning Productivity”

Finding Your Catalyst for Personal Motivation and Inspiration

A catalyst can be something that you experience such as an event, or it can be words spoken by another person or a book or a movie that causes you to alter your life in some way. Some catalysts are simple, such as a man who gets fired because he’s always late. Losing the jobContinue reading “Finding Your Catalyst for Personal Motivation and Inspiration”

Home Based Business Models for the Work at Home Mom

Working from home as a mother can be very lucrative. There are many advantages to starting a home based business. Maybe you’ve thought of some of them already. You may already realize all the different ways you can experience freedom as a work at home mom (WAHM). Time Freedom – You can make your ownContinue reading “Home Based Business Models for the Work at Home Mom”

The Top 10 Habits of Super Productive People

There are productive people, and then there are super productive people. You know the types. They seem to be able to get ten times more accomplished than you ever can, they always have free time, and they always have a smile on their face. This incredible productivity usually leads to quicker goal achievement and higherContinue reading “The Top 10 Habits of Super Productive People”

Do Your Actions Support a Mindset of Strength?

It’s clear that life doesn’t divide up all good things evenly among all people. You can tell that just by people-watching. Some people are better looking than others. Then there are people who are richer than their peers. There are people who come from a good background. They have a great education. They’re intelligent, well-liked,Continue reading “Do Your Actions Support a Mindset of Strength?”

Simple, Flexible Adjustments for Busy Moms to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life One of the biggest obstacles you are going to face when trying to create a healthy lifestyle change is your own mindset. Don’t think of your new goal to eat healthier and exercise regularly as a diet; think of it as a lifestyle you’d like to live. A lifestyleContinue reading “Simple, Flexible Adjustments for Busy Moms to Start a Healthy Lifestyle”

Your Family and Your Work at Home Business

There are a lot of myths about starting your own business, and even more about working from home as a mom. One of which is that it’ll be easy to always spend time with your family and your business will just run itself. While eventually you can set up a situation where that seems true,Continue reading “Your Family and Your Work at Home Business”

How to Organize Your Life with Bullet Journaling

It’s not uncommon to lose track of your life’s responsibilities since things can get so hectic. Whether you’re a busy college student focusing on classes and your part-time job, a parent that is struggling to balance home responsibilities and managing your job and household, or someone who spends so much time on your career thatContinue reading “How to Organize Your Life with Bullet Journaling”

Top 10 Ways to Beat Stress

A US poll conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that 1 in every 4 respondents reported “a great deal of stress” in the previous month. In that same study, 50% of all adults claimed they experienced a “major stressful event” in the past year, which translates to 115 million people. The MentalContinue reading “Top 10 Ways to Beat Stress”

Building a Network That Supports Your Business Goals

Networking is creating a foundation of connections that can boost your business, motivate, and support you with all of your efforts. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you never want to operate alone. Having people surround you who can motivate and inspire you, as well as share knowledge that can catapult you to theContinue reading “Building a Network That Supports Your Business Goals”

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