Choosing the Best Sports Bra for Running

If you’re a woman then you should invest in a good sports bra for running! When you run, the ligaments that support your breasts are put under a lot of pressure from the bouncing. Over time, this will leave your breasts sagging. Wearing a sports bra can help them stay perkier, and can also get rid of that annoying – sometimes painful – bouncy feeling that can distract you from your run.

So now that you know you need a sports bra, how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Here are some tips.

Features Every Sports Bra Needs

Sports bras work in different ways, depending on the type of bra you choose. Some bras work simply by compressing the breasts against the chest to restrict movement – this works better if you have smaller breasts. Other bras have separate cups for each breast that will keep them in place.

You’ll find that some sports bras work better than others at reducing movement. Some are only labeled for low impact exercise, and these just aren’t suitable for running. Running is going to produce a lot more bounce than other activities, so only look at the high impact options.

Finding the Perfect Fit for You

Know that if your sports bra doesn’t fit properly then it’s not going to be able to do the job that it was intended to do. This is why it’s a good idea to get a fitting, if possible, and try on bras before you buy.

If you have a larger chest, then you may find it difficult to get something that works well for you. Thankfully, however, more and more companies are now providing options for larger breasted women. Many will also have adjustable straps to make it easy to get the fit right.

Some bras only come in small, medium, and large sizing – this may work if you have a small chest but it’s probably not going to do its job properly if you have a larger one. You really do need something that fits properly!

Note that when the fit is right, it can be a bit tricky putting the bra on and taking it off, but don’t worry – it’s supposed to be tight!

When to Replace Your Bra

Once you’ve found the perfect sports bra, don’t think that you can just stick with it forever. Sports bras will lose their supportive properties after being used too much, and you should aim to replace yours after about 30-40 washes to ensure you’re getting the maximum protection.

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