Choosing Your Exercise for a Relaxed Mind

Exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. The mind and body benefit in many ways from simple daily exercises. It is well known that exercise can lead to an improved physique. However, exercise can also improve the function of the brain as well.

Exercise releases endorphins. These are neurotransmitters that create a sense of euphoria and alertness. The production of stress hormones like cortisol also decreases with exercise. Simple exercises can help to regain control over life.

Equipment or gym memberships are not required. Everyday activities are enough to live a healthier life. Every exercise should be viewed as an opportunity to strengthen the mind and body.

Walking Outside

Walking is the simplest form of exercise there is. There is little thought that goes into walking, and it doesn’t feel like a chore. A walk outside every day can alleviate stress and add years to one’s life.

A walk outside promotes more neural activity in the brain. It is believed that blue skies help to promote relaxation. The fresh air that the brain receives from outside promotes circulation. Improved circulation can increase cognitive abilities.


Hiking offers an opportunity to get in touch with nature. There is a strong connection between the human body and a natural environment.

The human body is supposed to be neutrally charged. However, contact with any surface besides the bare ground creates a negative charge. This charge accumulates over a lifetime and does not leave the body until it encounters an opposing charge.

A hike can help to relieve those charges. When you walk on the ground with your bare feet, this displaces the negative charge. As a result, the sinuses clear up, energy increases, and immunity improves. The body must be neutrally charged to maintain optimal health.


Yoga and meditation are commonly practiced around the world. They are best known for their healing and relaxing effects on the body. Yoga uses a variety of techniques to improve breathing.

In fact, many of the symptoms related to stress and anxiety can be alleviated with improvements in breathing. Anytime the body releases stress hormones, the parasympathetic nervous systems activates. This results in rapid breathing. If breathing can be controlled, then feelings of stress and anxiety become more manageable.

Another benefit of yoga is increased confidence. Yoga focuses on the development of the core muscles. Improvement of these muscles can lead to a better posture. There are many reports that correlate a strong posture with confidence.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting can increase the production of testosterone. This hormone is known to inhibit the production of cortisol and regulate hormonal levels. The body also releases a surge of endorphins during a vigorous exercise.

Weight lifting improves physique. This can help to create a greater sense of self-esteem for some people.

Discipline is a key aspect of weight lifting. The discipline that is gained from weight lifting can make other tasks much easier. Thus, the benefits of weight lifting can transfer to many other aspects of life as well.

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