Working from home is a dream of many different types of people, but moms are a huge demographic that want to work from home for obvious reasons – more time with the children, more control over the calendar, and the potential to earn more money than you can at your current job without huge childcare expenses.

Top 10 Reasons to Work from Home as a Mom

There are many reasons to work from home as a mom, but these are some of the biggest reasons to try it. You can put your expertise to work as a WAHM and reap all the benefits of having a full time job and using your time as you see fit.

  • No Business Clothing Required – Wearing business clothing is a pain for a new mom. You try to get ready for work and before you know it the baby has spit up on you and you have to change clothes. This will end.
  • You’ll be More Productive – No one is really super mom, but if you have your own home based business, you can be a lot more productive. You can fit more into the time you have if you have control over your calendar.
  • No Distractions from Co-Workers – While you will have some distractions from your children, they are a pleasure. You won’t have any from co-workers stopping by your desk to gossip. Baby hugs and kisses are so much better.
  • You Can Balance Your Time Better – Having control of your calendar is an amazing thing. You can write in all the important things you need to do as a mom and arrange work around that.
  • You Can Be Healthier – Everyone knows that sitting all day long is bad for your health. When you work for yourself you can schedule in exercise to combat the damage done by sitting all day long. You can also eat more home-cooked from scratch meals which will make you healthier as well.
  • You Get Out of It What You Put Into It – When you work for someone else, no matter how hard you work you get the same salary or hourly pay. But when you have your own business, the harder you work, the more money you’ll earn.
  • No Expensive Commute – It’s cold outside and gas prices are up, and you get to stay indoors and enjoy your family and still earn money without having multiple vehicles in your family. This can save the average family 600 or more dollars each month.
  • No Expensive Office Space Rent – It can be very expensive to rent office space. In most towns the average is about 20 dollars per square foot per year. That can really add up.
  • Lower Your Work Stress – When you like what you do, who you do it for, and who you’re with all day, the stress in your life will go down exponentially.
  • Work during Your Most Creative Time – Once again, having ultimate calendar control enables you to work when you’re at your best. Some people work best at 3 am, others work best from 8:30 am to 3 pm while their kids are in school.

Naturally, the very best reason to work from home as a mom is your children. Being there for your child’s firsts is important to you, but you also need to earn a living of some kind which makes working from home a viable alternative. With the advent of high speed Internet, there are more possibilities than ever to work from home.

Things to Expect When Working from Home

There are a lot of factors that come into play when working from home, but some of the things that happen, you may not initially expect. There are so many myths surrounding working from home that you may have fallen for the idea that it’s super easy to work from home. While there are many reasons and benefits to working from home, there are also some things you need to know about in advance that you should expect.

  • You’ll Learn Time Management – If you’re serious about making it as a work at home mom, you’ll discover a new understanding of time, calendars, and schedules. It may seem unromantic but the more you schedule and calendar your days, the more you’ll get done.
  • You’ll Get Lonely – It may seem crazy if maybe you never liked working with people anyway, but you’ll get lonely working from home. Luckily that’s easily remedied by joining groups on Facebook or LinkedIn of other women and moms who work from home.
  • You’ll have Distractions You Never Considered – Pets, children, neighbors, TV, and even Facebook can be distractions to your success at working from home. What’s more, you’ll have to be self-motivated to avoid these distractions when you need to earn money.
  • Your Spouse and Friends Won’t Understand – Many people don’t understand working from home and think it has to be a scam, a hobby, or worse, a lie you tell yourself every day. But remember that you know the truth and you can combat their doubts by earning enough money to make a difference in your life.
  • You May Let Yourself Go – When you have to go to work each day, you’re forced to fix your hair, put on some makeup, and get dressed. But when you work for yourself from home you don’t have to do any of that and you may end up gaining some weight or looking rundown. You can, of course, combat that by at least putting on some leggings after a shower each morning.
  • Funds Will Be Tight – When you first start your work at home business, you may be working 40 hours a week without seeing any monetary results. In fact, you may be spending money instead of earning money at first. Before you quit your day job, ensure that you can handle the expenses until you start earning a living.
  • Sometimes You’ll Get Discouraged – It can be very hard to work from home when you’re not bringing in enough money at first. Even when you are, sometimes it will still get discouraging and you’ll want to give up. But if you create a plan and follow the plan after having done your due diligence, you’ll be successful.

Finally, you’ll soon learn that you have to be completely self-motivated. Intrinsic motivation can be hard to come by for some people. Be honest with yourself and get a business coach if you need external stimulation and authority to get things done.

The Pros & Cons of Working from Home

There are many pros and cons to working from home, some of which are completely personal to your situation. You need to sit down and make a list of your own pros and cons and see which side is weighted most heavily before you start.


First, let’s look at some of the pros of working from home that you may or may not have considered. They may be what you expected or they may not be. You can likely add to this list for yourself so that you can determine what’s best for your situation.

  • Working in Comfort – If you work from home you can dress however you desire that makes you the most creative. Whether that’s in your jammies, naked, or in a suit, it doesn’t matter; you’re in charge.
  • Staying Healthier – It can be very difficult to fit in exercise and eating right when you work under someone else’s clock. But with your own timeline, you can schedule your work the way that helps you eat right and exercise.
  • Spending Time with Your Children – One of the most important reasons why moms choose to work from home is to be able to avoid childcare for their kids and spend more time with them.
  • Never Missing Important Things – You can use your calendar to your advantage when you work for yourself from home. You can ensure that you don’t miss important milestones, meetings, and events in your children’s, family, and friend’s lives.

Being with your family on your own terms is certainly a positive reason to work from home and one of the biggest pros that there is to having a home business. But, it’s important to be aware of the detractors too.


Some of these cons might surprise you, but like the pros, you may be able to add to the list on your own. Some things can’t be generalized and might be dependent upon what you see as a pro or a con in your own life.

  • Communication with Contractors Is Harder – When you’re at work, everyone else is too so it’s easy to work with your team. But as a work at home business owner, you’ll be working with other business owners to get things done on their timeline. This can be frustrating.
  • It’s Easy to Get Too Comfortable – When you work from home no one is standing over you telling you what to do and when. You have to be entirely self-motivated to ensure that you make money.
  • Some People Won’t See You As a Professional – Unfortunately, there are people out there who will immediately look down on you because you have a home office. You’ll have to simply ignore them and demonstrate your worth.
  • Even Your Spouse Might Not Support You – This is harsh, but it is a reality. Many times spouses just don’t get it at all. The best way to deal with this is to create good books to demonstrate to your spouse your projections. As some say, “show them the money” and they’ll come on board.

Paying attention to the pros and cons of starting a work from home business as a mom is very important. You can’t sugar coat it in your mind. You have to start a business with your eyes wide open in a realistic manner. Working from home is a wonderful answer to the problems that mothers experience with child care, flexibility on the job, and more, but you have to take it seriously.

Getting Started Working from Home as a Mom

Working from home can seem like a heavenly idea for a Mom. Time freedom, money freedom, and lifestyle freedom are all there for you if you get started. But there are some things to understand about working from home first. Here are 7 steps to working from home:

  1. Find the Right Job or Business – You need to determine if you want to work from home in your own business or find a job. There are many call center type jobs you can get from home if you have the right equipment, or you can start a business as a graphic designer, virtual assistant, writer, or other type of business if you have or are willing to learn the right skills.
  2. Inventory Your Skills – It’s always a good idea to figure out what you know vs. what you don’t know. You may figure out that you need training or you may realize you already know how to do what you want to do as your home business.
  3. Avoid Scams – There are a lot of people out there preying on mothers who want to be with their kids more or are simply desperate to earn more money. Just realize that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Do It Right – There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when you’re starting your own business. The steps are already made. You need to get a license, set up a home office and a financial system, and start promoting and marketing your business. You have to be self-motivated and just do it without second guessing yourself or trying to get around things.
  5. Network – Tell everyone you know what you’re doing and ask them to introduce you to others who may need what you’re offering. Get online and join groups that consist of your audience and colleagues so that you won’t be alone.
  6. Seek Balance – Remember that balance isn’t always 50/50, sometimes it’s going to be 60/40 or 70/30, but overall you can ensure that your life adds up to 100 percent positive results. Your family will come first at times, and other times your business will come first. The trick is to figure out needs vs. wants.
  7. Don’t Give Up – If you want something badly enough you will work toward it. Create a plan of action, do your due diligence, and then follow the plan knowing that your research, skills, and can-do attitude will ensure that you are successful.

Today, parents who want to stay home with their children find ways to earn money. Most families need two incomes just to survive. But you can do so much more than just survive if you have a home business. A home business doesn’t have to mean low pay and poverty; it can actually be quite lucrative.

Six Figure Work at Home Mom Businesses to Start

There are many home businesses that are making six figures. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s at least 100K a year. If you perform services the math is easy; The Hours You Work x Your Hourly Rate = 100K.

If you can work 20 billable hours a week, you’d need to charge about 100 dollars per hour to meet the six figure mark each year. The following opportunities can all get you to the six figure mark if you create a plan and follow it.

  • Web Designer – If you know about design and understand the popularly used software today like self-hosted WordPress, then you can earn a lucrative income designing websites for local and distant business owners. At just $1000 dollars a website you’d only need to build 100 websites a year to hit the six figure mark.
  • Graphic Designer – If you’re good at making book covers, website banners, and other types of graphics like logos, you can make a very good income. Many designers charge by project and others charge hourly. You can charge more than 100 dollars an hour as a graphic designer for many types of design work.
  • Virtual Assistant – You can specialize depending on your skills and earn a larger hourly rate. Many specialty VAs such as speaker’s assistants, author’s assistants, and so forth earn from 45 to 100 an hour. You can hire a team to help, or charge by package to up your income.
  • Public Speaker – You have probably heard how much some famous people get paid for public speaking, so don’t expect to make 30K per event like some of these people do. But you can make a very lucrative income speaking if you have a sought out topic and a particular target audience that is in need of speakers.
  • Author – Today it’s easier than ever to become a published author. You can publish eBooks easily in Kindle format, self-publish using Create Space, and even find a traditional situation with a publisher if you want to. Find a genre that is popular and get a book done, then worry later how you’ll publish it.
  • Affiliate Marketer – Being an affiliate marketer means you promote other people’s products or services for a percentage of sales. You’ll use various methods from email lists to websites to promote the products that you choose for your audience.
  • YouTube Star – Believe it or not, a lot of people make great money as vloggers on YouTube. The trick is to pick a popular niche that you know a lot about or are willing to learn about as you go, and start creating daily vlogs. Keep them short and simple, promote through Facebook Ads and Twitter, and before you know it you’ll be earning a living.
  • Blogger – Being a blogger is a lot like being a YouTube star except that it can take a little longer to become popular and be harder to earn money with, but people do it all the time. Find a lucrative niche, create an awesome website, and market using social media. Make money with an advertising network, affiliate sales, and your own products or services.

As you see there are some fabulous ways to earn money as a work at home mom. Whatever line of work you choose, know that it’s possible to earn great money working from home as a mom.