Family Communication

One of the reasons why any type of relationship fails is due to lack of communication. This can also be applied when looking for ways to lead a good family life together. If your communication skills are lacking, then the entire family may be unhappy and feel alone.

In a happy family, all members know how to communicate. How many times have you heard the following?

Mom, can you please tell, name of person, that I will be late, or another reason.

This scenario normally happens when the flow of communication is not running smoothly in the household. Whereas if communication is good, no one thinks twice of sending messages to each other without a middle man.

One of the most important skills to have when it comes to communication is that of listening. Do you truly listen to what your spouse or child has to say? Or do you interrupt them before they have finished speaking?

Next time, allow the person to finish what they say, then recap what they just told you. Repeating a summary back actually shows the person that you did listen and that you understand their point of view.

A good place and time to have a family discussion is at the dinner table. Spend some time talking about the day’s activities and don’t judge anyone. Let everyone air their concerns and points of view.

One thing that a happy family doesn’t do is argue and then not talk to each other for days on end. Instead the family can disagree and then move forward without any type of resentment.

Communication can also be done by actions instead of words. Hugging your child when you see they are upset speaks volumes. Displaying signs of affections to your spouse does, too. Plus this teaches your children not to be scared of showing their emotions.

Not showing emotions is another reason why some family members may feel alone. They are either too scared to show their true feelings, for fear of retribution. Or they have been brought up to be that “tough guy” instead.

Teach your children that showing fear is perfectly natural and that it isn’t a sign of weakness. If your family is open with communication, there is no reason why you can’t have healthy, heated discussions which bear no malice to anyone. Being allowed to vent where appropriate is a great way to de-stress for both adults and children alike.

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