Fun Ways for Your Family to Spend Time Together

It’s common for families to spend time together only during big events. In our fast-paced world, we spend all day at work during the week and the weekends are spent doing chores and running errands. We fall into our beds each night with a sigh, realizing another day went by when we didn’t spend time with our loved ones.

One problem we have is we believe we need to create large, exciting events out of family time, when really, doing just about anything can be fun. Try these simple ways to spend fun time with your family.

Do Chores Together

There’s always something that needs to get done before the fun can begin, right? Well, why not have everyone pitch in and get the chores done faster. Cleaning, cooking and fixing things around the house can all be accomplished faster when everyone helps out. It also makes it more fun.

Read Together

There are few things so relaxing as someone reading to you. Adults and children alike will love this nightly or weekly activity. Choose a book series appropriate for everyone and either take turns reading out loud or have a designated parent who enjoys reading aloud. Have everyone get in their pajamas an hour before bedtime and then spread out on a big bed and relax. You will build memories, show kids how much fun it is to read, and fall fast asleep.

Plan a Monthly Adventure

There are usually loads of places locally that you and your family can enjoy spending time. Museums, parks, and the zoo are always good choices. And these things don’t have to be expensive. Take a picnic or tailgate instead of eating out. Find coupons and special offers online to the zoo or amusement parks.

Set One Night per Week Aside

Do you remember those commercials that encouraged parents to have a game night each week? Yeah, it was probably trying to sell us board games, but still, it’s not a bad idea! Come together to find a night that works well for everyone and then make it a priority that no one can miss it.

Sure, you can play board games, but you could also play video games or physical games. And virtual physical games played on a Wii are great fun and a sneaky way to get a little exercise in. Even if there’s a bit of resistance at first, you’ll find that once everyone gets used to the schedule, they really look forward to it.

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