Are you struggling with getting out of your comfort zone? You may feel like you’re stuck in a rut of doing the same things over and over again. And while you may be longing to fulfill a secret dream, it’s hard to break out and try something new.

In order to get out of your comfort zone, it’s important to examine what’s keeping you in it. For most people the main reason for being stuck is fear. But fear looks different for every individual. You’ll need to examine your own situation and the roots of your fear.

It helps to make a list of the things that you’d do if you had no fear. Would you audition for a Broadway show? Would you start that novel you’ve been planning in your mind? Would you reach out to start new friendships?

Once you have a list, think about each item. When you think about doing these things, what are the immediate fears that come up? Do you fear being embarrassed? Do you fear being rejected? Do you fear not being financially secure?

Getting to the core of your fears will help you to overcome them and move out of your comfort zone. It may help to think of each dream and the scenario that will happen if you fail. Talking it through with a friend can help. You may find that you’ve blown your fears out of proportion.

You’ll also need to think about the rewards of going for your goals. Perhaps getting out of your comfort zone will help you to have more fulfillment in your career, a romantic relationship, or allow you to express your creativity. When you can see that the rewards outweigh your fears, it can help you to become more open.

At some point, getting out of your comfort zone will require you to take risks. You may find it easier to fly out of the nest and just go for it with a major dream. But most people find that taking baby steps is a little easier to do.

For example, if your dream is to write a novel and get it published you don’t need to quit your job and sequester yourself in front of the computer. You can try taking a writing workshop at your local community college or setting a goal to write a little each day.

Taking baby steps will help you to be prepared. When you’re prepared for challenges, you’ll decrease the amount of fear you feel. With every small step, you’ll gain a little more confidence until you’ve reached your overall goal.

Getting out of your comfort zone is difficult, but the rewards are great. You’ll find that the more you get out of it, the more rewarding your life will become. You’ll have more confidence and you’ll feel more happiness.