How Positivity Affects Weight Loss Success

Believe it and you can achieve it. Attitude is altitude. Your attitude is everything. These are common mantras bandied about by inspiration gurus and self-help professionals, and they have frequently been shown to have a definite positive impact for many people. But can a positive attitude be a cornerstone for weight loss success? Many health and fitness professionals believe it is not only helpful, but critical in achieving weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight.

The thought process goes like this: Negative thinking can lead to self-defeating behaviors. This gives you excuses to cheat on your diet, skip a workout session, and care little in the short term about your long term weight loss efforts. Over time, this can lead to weight gain instead of weight loss; an individual then feels frustrated, and self-esteem drops. This leads to more negative attitudes, which then create a self-fulfilling and endless cycle of weight loss failure.

Donald Hensrud, M.D., is a frequent spokesperson for the Mayo Clinic, and he believes that mentally setting yourself up for success in your weight loss efforts is vitally important. That is because staying positive will help you through the stumbles and falls you will definitely make in your weight loss experience. No one is perfect, so those fried food dinners and ice cream desserts are going to happen.

But positivity and the right mental attitude can get you over those speed bumps and back on track towards your weight loss goals. Did you know that major studies have shown low self-esteem and a negative self image can rob you of energy, give you a feeling of powerlessness, and can even cause depression and contribute to a lack of motivation?

Negativity even causes a significant negative physiological affect to take place in your body, and this can contribute further to weight gain and other negative physical characteristics.

However, having a positive attitude means being realistic as well. To achieve your weight loss goals, set achievable hallmarks. Reward yourself when you hit significant levels of weight loss, keep a daily journal for both your positive and negative thoughts, and make a conscious effort every day to transform the way you think.

You should also give yourself a mental pat on the back for even small efforts. If you drink coffee today without sugar or pass on that second slice of pizza, congratulate yourself out loud. By reaffirming positive behavior and keeping a positive attitude, you will achieve your weight loss goals, and possibly quicker than you ever thought possible.

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