How to Make Getting Fit More Fun

Getting fit doesn’t have to be doing the same routine over and over until you are bored out of your mind. Instead, make it fun by participating in these suggestions!

Circuit training

Due to the variety of exercises and tempo, you don’t have time to get bored. Set up a circuit where you do jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, tricep dips, crunches, and high knees each for 60 to 90 seconds. As soon as you are done with one exercise move on to the next. Repeat the circuit two or three times, resting between each iteration.

Join a sports team

Remember the feeling of exhilaration in high school when you played football, basketball, or ran track and field? As an adult you can get that same feeling again. Softball, racquetball, and tennis are all fun sports that raise your heart rate and burn a lot of calories.

Run an obstacle course

More and more city parks and recreation departments are setting up obstacle courses in their parks. Due to the varied nature of the stations, you are always doing something different like climbing over a wall, walking across a log, climbing a rope, or swinging across a water pit. They are exciting ways to work out and you are almost guaranteed to get dirty or wet!

Go for a hike

Going for a hike is much different than going for a mundane walk. Usually hiking is done over a varied terrain on an uneven medium like gravel or dirt and may require you to negotiate around boulders and go up hills and back down the other side. The hike is usually worth the exercise value derived from the hike; the scenery encountered is an added bonus.

Run on a track

If you want to challenge your body once in a while, try running on a track. Many of them are cushioned so they are gentler on your knees and ankles, and because of the smooth level surface, you can increase your speed. You may even experience a deja vu moment if you ran track in high school.

Home-based yoga

You don’t have to join a yoga class to do yoga. There are many routines both online and on DVDs that are just as challenging. Yoga is fun because it is different than normal exercising. Focusing on meditation, breathing, and poses, it is just as mentally refreshing as it is physically.

There are so many opportunities to make exercising fun that there is no reason to be stuck in the same routine day after day. Each day of the week you could be doing something different, and most of the suggestions here don’t require equipment except for a pair of sneakers.

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