How to Speed Up Muscle Growth

If you are trying to build muscle, you want to see results quickly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as you speed up your muscle growth in a healthy manner. There are a few proven ways that you can speed up muscle growth quickly, and they work whether you are an endomorphic, ectomorphic, or mesomorphic body type.

Intermittent food boosting

Everyone has heard of the healthy benefits of infrequent fasting. Skipping eating over a a 24 hour period is a great fat loss tip. But did you know that as long as you are weight training and building muscle, enjoying a day free from any dietary restrictions can actually work to your benefit? Yes, you are allowed to overeat … infrequently.

Once or twice a month, after your workout, treat yourself to whatever comfort foods and “bad” foods you like. Even without counting calories. If you have been enjoying a diet of proper nutrition, which is the cornerstone of muscle growth, your body will be confused by this behavior. Anabolic hormones are sent into action, and your muscle growth speeds up.

Keep properly hydrated while you exercise or weight train

When your body is not sufficiently hydrated, it does not have enough water to cool itself. This can result in exhaustion, but it can also slow your muscle recovery. Remember, when you are exercising and weight training, you are tearing down your muscles. Your muscle growth occurs on your recovery days. Drink lots of water while you are working out, and the speed of your muscle growth will benefit.

Hit the protein and carbs post-workout

From 30 to 60 minutes immediately following a high intensity workout, you need carbs and protein if you want to grow your muscles quickly. Your muscles are able to absorb more fuel immediately after being stressed and torn. They are “thirsty” instantly following any intense workout or exercise regimen, and you can get a head-start on restoring energy and repairing your muscles by ingesting a ratio of 4 carbs to 1 protein post-workout. Don’t want to do any measuring? Chocolate milk does the trick here very well.

Get plenty of rest

This cannot be overstated. To boost your muscle mass and growth as quickly as possible, you must rest and recover. Try to give your body 1 to 2 days of rest between working a specific muscle group. This allows for the quickest muscle recovery, which speeds up muscle growth and mass. This also cuts down on injuries which occur when you too frequently over-train your muscles.

Refill your electrolyte levels

Electrolytes are lost when you perspire. Without electrolytes, your muscle recovery speed is severely diminished. Replenishing sodium, potassium, and calcium levels is extremely important post-workout to speed up your muscle building results, and is important on your recovery days also.

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