How to Update Your Old Furniture on a Budget

It often doesn’t make sense to buy new furniture. Maybe you’re on a budget, or maybe you have a sentimental attachment to your furniture. Regardless, you can update your old furniture without spending a fortune. Here’s how to update your old furniture on a budget.

Slip Covers

If you’re dealing with couches or chairs, a slip cover is an easy fix. You can make any couch or chair fit your home’s décor with a slip cover. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can find specialty fabrics like leather or micro suede, or basic fabrics like cotton. You can also custom make a slip cover if you’re unable to find a premade slip cover you like.


Wood tables and chairs can get a quick update with a bit of paint. A dull pine table can become a sleek modern table with a coat of glossy black paint. One of the reasons this is such a valuable technique is that you can purchase spray paint at your local hardware store. They now make spray paint in just about any color you can imagine and the paint adheres to any surface. You can even paint plastic or resin patio furniture.


Staining is another option for updating old furniture. It might be a bit more work, however it’s a nice way to help furniture retain its original look. You’ll likely need to remove the original finish first. You may also need to sand out any imperfections. Then you’ll add the stain according to package directions. Finally, you may want to add a coat of varnish to protect the surface of the furniture.


You can embellish a piece of old furniture with various techniques. For example, you can add mosaic tile to a coffee table to give it a new look. You can add cord or trim to a couch or chair to add flair. You can even add tassels. Or you can add leather or rivets to a piece of furniture to give it an edge.


One of the most cost-effective ways to update old furniture is to accessorize. Add a tray and some knick-knacks to a coffee table. Add pillows or a throw to a couch or chair. Add new hardware to an old end table.

Depending on your goals, there are a number of ways you can update your old furniture and spend next to nothing. Some techniques require a bit of hard work. However, some are as easy as adding a pillow or using a can of spray paint. Get creative, have fun and enjoy your new furniture.

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