Fitness trackers became popular a few years ago and with good reason.  They are personalized to whoever wears it and easy to use.  Fitness trackers are wonderful for challenging yourself and keeping track of your progress.

One way this small gadget can help you stay active is by creating a challenge for yourself.  This can be anything you want.  Walking 10,000 steps daily will keep you active and is a great challenge to begin because you can slowly get to that many steps.

Plus you can do it when you’re able to.  Fitness trackers will let you know how many steps you’ve made each day.
To start the 10,000 steps a day challenge, you’ll first record what you normally walk in a day.  So write down your steps for the first few days.  You’ll need this information to get an average step count.

Next you’ll want to make a goal to increase your steps by a certain amount.  For example, let’s say you walk an average of 3,600 steps a day.  You decide to increase that amount by 10% for 5 days and then check your progress.  So for the next 5 days you’ll walk 3,960 steps.

Here are 2 tips to help you with your walking challenge:

  1. Record your steps.  You won’t know what you’re walking if you don’t write the step numbers down.
  2. Record how you feel each day.  Are you struggling to reach it?  Why?  What is holding you back?  Or maybe you are going over the steps?  Either way record your feelings.
  3. Make the goal challenging enough to push you, but attainable.

By recording your steps it will be easier to see how you’ve been doing.  And you want a goal that makes you work for it, but isn’t so hard that you get discouraged.

At first you might not think this is a huge increase, but it will help you slowly reach your goal.  Some days you’ll have no problem going beyond your goal and other days you’ll likely struggle.  This is especially true in the beginning.

After the 5 days are over, you need to re-evaluate what you walked each day and how you felt.  Based on these two things, you’ll make another goal that will help you get closer to your ultimate goal of 10,000 steps.

If you struggled to meet that goal every single day you could stay on that many steps for another 5 days.  Brainstorm some ideas of how you can reach it daily.  Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther away when running errands, or going for a short five or ten minute walk during your lunch break.

However, if you were walking an average of 5,000 steps, you should make your goal more challenging and add the goal steps from this amount, not the one you started with.

Adjust your new goals accordingly.  Unless you made a huge goal that you aren’t even coming close to achieving, you shouldn’t ever reduce your steps.  Keep using this method until you reach 10,000 steps daily.