How to Use Waiting Time Productively

Do you get impatient when you have to wait in line at the bank or sit for an extra hour at the doctor’s office? Instead of getting frustrated with wait time, put that time to good use. As you look over your daily to-do list, identify places that you are likely to have to wait.

Then you can go prepared with an easy to carry project or reading.  You can even keep something in your car or briefcase that you would enjoy doing while waiting. Perhaps it’s catching up on popular magazines or business journals. Or you might take that time to plan your next decorating project and identify the items that you need to purchase.

Here are dozen ways to use wait time productively and make the time pass faster:

  1. Read a motivational book that will change your mindset in ways that will empower you to reach new goals.
  2. Scan the directions to a building project or clothing pattern and get the process firmly in mind before you start to cut.
  3. Bring a pile of coupon pages collected from several weeks of newspapers. As you clip the coupons, add in the proper tab of a coupon file.
  4. Plan what you need for a birthday party, barbecue, or other social event that you are hosting or coordinating.
  5. Carry a small tote with knitting, crochet, or mending to work on while you wait.
  6. Sketch at random in a small sketchbook that fits in your pocket or purse.
  7. Study for an upcoming test or review material so you can help your child study.
  8. Download a podcast onto your Mp3 player. Instead of just music, choose a podcast topic that you want to learn about and listen to it with ear-buds.
  9. Use your day planner to make a to-do list for next week.
  10. Play games on your cell phone, just turn off the noise so that others are not bothered.
  11. Work on crossword puzzles or Sudoku.
  12. Daydream – there’s nothing wrong with zoning out while you wait.

Why depend on finding new magazines or someone interesting to talk with when you are stuck waiting? Bring your own “on hand” activities so that wait time become productive and seems to go by faster.

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