Inexpensive DIY Projects for Your Family Room

There are a number of ways you can update or redecorate your family room for just a few hundred dollars. By doing the work yourself, you can save thousands. Here are a few inexpensive do-it-yourself project ideas for your family room.

#1 Paint – Painting, while it is a bit of work, can cost less than a hundred dollars. And the changes a fresh coat of paint can make are astounding. You can turn a dull family room into a room that looks like it’s been designed by a professional interior decorator. Use the paint-theme ideas found in free brochures at your local hardware store. Surf online for inspiration too.

#2 New window treatments – Your window treatments can say a lot about your home. Finding treatments that are the right length and width is the first step. Then, take a look at the fabrics and textures you want.

A soft fabric like cotton, linen, or silk can add a nice touch to a family room. Canvas, corduroy, or even leather offers a completely different feel. And if you don’t like curtains, take a look at the variety of blinds, shutters, or shades. Make sure you measure correctly, order the correct hardware, and take time installing the window treatments.

#3 Lighting – Simply changing out your lamps is a fast way to update a family room. However, you can add fixtures to your room to enhance the décor. For example, you can install pot lights in the ceiling to give the room a bright and open feel. You can carefully position accent lights to focus on a piece of art or a display cabinet. Take care when working with electricity. Make sure you turn the power off at the circuit breaker before installing any new fixtures or switches.

#4 Flooring – You’d be surprised how easy it is to install carpet or even to put in a new laminate floor. Installing carpet is hard work, but you can do it yourself. You’ll need to buy the tacking strip, the pad, and the carpet. You’ll also need a hammer, and you can rent the kicker to stretch the carpet over the tacking strip.

Installing laminate floors is pretty easy too. There are many types of laminate. Some require an adhesive while others simply click into place like puzzle pieces.

Tile is another option. You can rent a tile cutter and install the tile yourself. Make sure to purchase a few extra pieces of tile for those inevitable mistakes.

#5 Fireplace – While installing a full fireplace and chimney isn’t likely to be something you want to tackle yourself, you can install a fireplace. If you have a gas line, you can install a gas fireplace. You’ll also need to install venting through your outside wall.

You can also purchase and install a vent-free gas fireplace. Make sure you purchase one that fits your needs. If you’re not interested in the having to vent your fireplace or buy gas or wood for it, consider an electric fireplace which can be installed in an hour or less.

There are a number of inexpensive do-it-yourself projects for your family room. Take a look at your budget, your design needs, and your available time. Most projects can be completed in a weekend.

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