The main goal of Pokémon Go is to catch and train Pokémon that you have caught. The Vívofit fitness band works basically the same as Pokémon Go. It tracks your steps and rewards users for reaching their goals. In Pokémon Go, when a player is not moving very much, the Pokémon around are poor quality. The best place to catch these Pokémon are in Downtown shopping centers, hiking trails, and areas with local landmarks, not at home. This is a major difference between fitness bands, using a treadmill, or walking outside.

This makes this Pokémon great; those sitting at home will get nowhere. Pokémon Go rewards players for going out and exploring their home town. Pokémon will only come out if you are putting some distance between you and your home. Want that oh so cool Syther? Good luck finding anything other than rats and birds at home or nearby in your neighborhood. The best Pokémon are the ones found in areas where other players are at.

The first major reason that Pokémon Go is a great tool for exercising is refilling Poke’ Balls. Unless players want to spend upwards of 99 cents every hour or so, the only way to stock up on balls is to go find Poke’ Stops. These stops are found all over and are the only other way to get Poke’ Balls aside from buying them. This reason alone makes this game a great fitness tool. The whole reason to play this game is to collect Pokémon, and the only way to collect those Pokémon is with Poke’ Balls. It is a great idea to make such an important part of the game completely inaccessible to those who are not searching their town. On the downside to this, you cannot play the game unless you’re out and about. If the user does not have a whole lot of time, the Vivofit band is effective anywhere and everywhere.

Next up are the Pokémon Eggs, these eggs are literally only hatched from walking. There are three different types of Pokémon Eggs, the two kilometer (1.24 miles), the 5 kilometer (3.1 miles), or the 10 kilometer (6.21 miles). All that is required to hatch these eggs is that the player has the app open and is walking. It is interesting that the eggs that require the most mileage to hatch are the ones that have the rarest and strongest Pokémon inside. That is great incentive to go out on that nightly walk after work, and making use of that relaxing Sunday night.

Something Pokémon does not have is something like the Vívofit’s move bar. Every hour that you stay inactive, the band alerts the user and suggests moving. The only way to stop it is to walk around for a few minutes. This is the key difference between a fitness band and a non-fitness game like Pokémon. On the topic of things that Pokémon does not have, another is the sleep monitor feature. The Vívofit band lets you know how well you sleep, while the app is probably just keeping players up late.

What is a game without some competitiveness? Well Pokémon Go has that too. Pokémon gyms are found all over the place at parks and anywhere that people are always at. Here you can take your Pokémon that you have worked to level up and challenge the gym leader to compete for his place on the throne. There are major benefits to taking control of a gym, but the genius thing is that it alerts you when someone takes it back over. Once you see your benefits leave, what’s the first thing you do? Throw on your running shoes, sprint to that same gym, and try to win it back. Even while you are not on the lookout for Pokémon, the gym is always there giving you benefits and it hurts to lose control of one. The only competitive side of the Vívofit band is just bragging about one’s goals and how many steps the user as taken that day.