Re-Tooling for the Future

While the original purpose of this site was to be a connection point for people trying to improve their lives with limited resources, those of you who have followed me for a while know that advocacy for better digital support services for education, employment, and cultural participation has been a critical focal point to provide better access to the modern economy for people with disabilities, caregiver responsibilities, and geographic isolation.

Now with the emergence of covid-related issues that affect everyone, not just disempowered minorities, maybe we will be able to move past advocacy and cobbling together tinkered table-scrap solutions to start being able to make some serious long-term investments in developing more broadly beneficial programs of enduring growth and sustainability.

Maybe some of the bigger companies and organizational agencies will pick up the ball to put some of their influence and resources into creating better tools and programs than I am positioned to offer. Let me be clear I think that would be a wonderful thing!

My mission here is to see people helped; it does not have to be me that does the actual helping if better options exist. So I will not in any way feel abandoned if any I’ve been able to serve up till now have better opportunities to move on to pursuing than I could offer myself. Even if all support for me dries up at this point due to a surplus of better things, I will feel satisfied enough knowing that I’ve been able to help some hold on to get to this point, and I’ll be positively ecstatic if the world becomes a better, fairer place, no matter what effect it has on my personal goals and situation.

That being said, for those who want to continue to follow here and offer support, please don’t send anything that would be a personal sacrifice for you to make right now. Please take care of yourself, your family, and your local community first! But if you are looking to invest in some new skills and tools for your future, we do have some revenue-generating partnerships with some high-value, low-cost programs you may be interested to consider:

Zenva Academy – Online video courses with completion certificates for foundational and emerging tech skills like project management, website publishing, application and game programming, virtual and augmented reality systems, and educational technology. Available as individual purchases (often with deeply discounted sales) or through a $15/month All-Access plan.

Humble Bundle – Games, software, and ebooks available as huge value-bundles ranging from $1 to $15, where purchases also support charitable causes in addition to the products’ publishers. Many of the bundles are also self-employment or self-improvement themed.

Amazon – We do get some kickback for any Amazon purchases made through this site, but some offerings you might find particularly useful right now include:

Discounted Amazon Prime – $6/mo for qualifying customers with EBT or Medicaid card

Kindle Unlimited – $10/mo for unlimited access to a vast library of digital ebooks, magazines, and audiobooks, accessible through any device, no kindle required

Kindle Fire TabletsKindle Fire App Store
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Stay safe, sane, and healthy! You are loved, and you’re not alone!

Kristina Wilcox, Site Manager

Disclosure Notice: This site participates in Affiliate Programs, which means that we may receive some revenue for purchases made through links here. This revenue helps us to keep supplying free and low-cost content for people in need.