Relationship Woes and Eating Don’t Mix

Each of us has had a good relationship end when we didn’t want it to.  Or maybe you’’re just going through a rough patch in a marriage.  Where do some turn to obscure their sorrows over this pain?  Food!

Unfortunately, food tends to become your friend when you need a shoulder to cry on or just need a comforting sensation.  Food can become the crutch you lean on for steadfast support during a turbulent time.

Although it’s normal for some to turn to food for comfort, it’s not always a healthy option – physically or mentally. When a relationship faces hardship or is terminated, the only help food will bring is the extra weight that’s gained while we wallow in our sorrow.

There are healthier choices to consider turning to because of a tumultuous relationship.  Lean on one of your friends for support.  Being with good friends can help boost your self-confidence as well as keeping your mind off of what’s in the fridge.

Try doing something fun if you want to be alone. Go shopping to find something special that you’ve always wanted or, perhaps, get a makeover to feel better about yourself. Anything that can help you build confidence will help you get over the chaotic emotions you’re feeling.

You could also try a new hobby or resume one you’ve been putting off for so long.  You could join a local sports or fitness squad.  Keeping busy in body and mind helps you to ignore the unfortunate events that have ensued.

If the temptation for food is too strong for you to resist, make sure that you keep some healthy foods or snacks in your home. Stay away from chips, candy, cookies, and ice cream that are beckoning you. Have low-fat, sugar-free or low-calorie items on hand to alleviate any craving.

Everyone knows what it’s like to lament over a lost relationship or a bad marriage.  Using an abundance of food to cope with this heartache may be an effective short-term fix, but it won’t satisfy your feelings (or your health) in the long-term.

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