Start a Profitable Local Portal Site

Local portal websites are often much easier to make, generate traffic for, and generate income from than other types of website. Your competition is much scarcer because few internet marketers are willing to do the work of monetizing a portal website – which is actually quite easy and profitable.

What is a portal website and how can you make money from it? Here’s a detailed overview.

What Is a Local Portal Website?

A local portal website is simply a location-specific guide. Often times the location-specific guide will also be industry specific.

For example, a portal website might be as broad as “Guide to San Francisco.” It could also be more specific, such as a guide to “Pizzas in New York,” or “Spas in Boston.”

Naturally, the broader your topic, the harder it will be to rank for it.

Monetizing a Local Portal Website

This is the kicker. The monetization is the reason why local portal websites are such great online businesses.

The best way to monetize a local portal website is through direct advertisement from local businesses. These are businesses that are often paying as much as $300 to $500 for ads in the Yellow Pages, which really bring them no traffic.

If you can get your website ranked in the top three for a keyword like “Spas in Boston,” it’s much easier to justify paying that money to you instead.

Offline advertisers are often willing to pay $100 to $500 for an ad placement on a well-ranked local portal website. If you get 5-10 such placements, that’s very good money; especially for a low-competition, moderately trafficked website.

Choosing a Portal to Start With

To start with, choose a portal in a city that isn’t too competitive. New York for example, will be far too competitive. Daly City in California will be much less competitive.

The trick is to get your feet wet in an industry that has enough businesses to sell to in order to make it worth the effort. Market to these businesses via email and direct phone calls. It does take effort – that’s why more people don’t do it. This is also why entrepreneurs willing to put in the effort will profit.

Starting a local portal website can be an incredibly powerful and profitable way to make money online. Instead of competing with thousands of other internet marketers in competitive niches, you’re competing with smaller local businesses for SEO placements.

The only difficult part is selling the advertising. Once you master that skill, you’ll be able to get payments for your traffic that vastly exceed what you’d get from other monetization methods (e.g. AdSense.) Start with an easy city with less competition to get your feet wet, and work your way up from there.

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