Stress Management Activities that Work

Identifying stress  symptoms may be fairly easy. In fact, some people find it as a regular part of their lives that there is no need to exert effort in order to verify that they are, indeed, stressed out. The real challenge comes in finding ways to manage stress so it would not interfere with one’s moods and productivity. As stress is considered as a big issue for almost everyone, numerous studies were conducted in pursuit of the magic formula that would help a person be stress-free. 

Work it! Exercise

Exercise is popular for people who want to maintain a healthy and fit body. The good news is that it also helps maintain a healthy mind. Exercise is one of the most efficient stress-reliever according to the Stress Management Society and Mayo Clinic.

Aside from taking good care of one’s heart and oxygen circulation inside a person’s body, exercise also gets rid of stress hormones and releases endorphins which are also suitably known as “happy hormones” in its place. These happy hormones help a person have more energy and a positive outlook in life.

In choosing exercises, one should make sure that it is something that he or she loves to prevent boredom. Some good examples are dancing, cycling, boxing, walking, running, and swimming.

Some people also choose to participate in fun sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton. 

Make it Write!

According to Web MD, writing is a great stress management activity. It may be one’s form of release as he or she writes about the stressful events in that particular day. Aside from this, it may also be done as a metacognitive process where one observes the things that stress him or her out, how he or she reacts to it, and in the end, develop a solution that would change that person’s behavior and reaction towards these stressful elements. 

Live, Laugh, Love.

Laughter is the best medicine – this adage will never get old and will never lose its truth. Laughing works wonderfully in improving a person’s mental load and his or her body’s response to stress. It will definitely help to watch a comedy, share jokes with a friend, read jokes, and go to comedy bars once in a while. 

Connections, connections!

While most people would prefer to be alone whenever they feel stressed out, they should actually do the opposite. It will help a lot of one can find some way to get together with friends to unwind.

While being with other people may not sound pleasant when one is in a bad mood, it actually provides distraction. Besides, being with friends and family – the people who love unconditionally will definitely have the capacity to make that person smile.

One great thing to do would be to volunteer in a charitable institution. It always feels good to help other people. 


Meditation is perhaps the most popular stress-reliever. The state of just being quiet to gain back the balance that one lost because of stressful events works for a lot of people. Achieving inner peace may take a lot of practice but once done, one will realize that it is definitely worth it.

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