Surprising Simple Living Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to simple living. Some are well known, but there are many that not everyone has heard of. Because simple living has so many benefits, it is helpful to know all the ways it is good for you so you can encourage yourself to get closer to this way of living. What are some of the health benefits of this more natural lifestyle?

Less Stress

This is perhaps one of the most well-known benefits of a simple life, and not one to be brushed aside. When you embrace a natural lifestyle and get rid of unnecessary distractions, you will be amazed at how your stress levels become lower. Not having to keep up with busy schedules or the buying frenzy that many people seem pulled into, your life will have more moments of relaxation and peace.

Mental Health

One of the benefits of simple living and having less stress is better mental health. Our mental health thrives when everything is in balance. Having the time to deal with negative feelings and a peaceful situation where one can deal with them results in better outcomes.

Weight Balance

Whether you are above or below your ideal weight, being busy and overcommitted can cause or exacerbate the problem. Not having time to prepare healthy meals and eating on the run can lead to excessive weight gain. If you are the type to leave eating as a last priority, then you will often lose more weight than is healthy. When your entire life is in balance and you have the time to eat properly and work out regularly, this is when you will find your body stabilizing at an ideal weight.

Less Exposure to Potentially Harmful Substances

When a person is avoiding unnecessary complications of modern life, there are sometimes benefits that aren’t known until later. Sometimes science doesn’t prove until much later that certain things we are exposed to can have negative effects on our health. The overuse of items such as cell phones and computers and overconsumption of newly created food additives can cause a variety of unwanted health problems.

New products, because of their potential for positive and necessary uses, are often not studied and researched long term for detrimental effects before being released to the market. We are wise to limit our use of new things that we are going to come in contact with on a daily basis before time gives us the go-ahead. Leaning into simple living strengthens our chances of avoiding potential effects that are not known until it is too late.

Better Immune System

When your stress levels are lowered and you’re not rushing around chasing after everyone else’s dreams, your body has the ability to restore itself and build up its immune system. When your body has less adrenaline and cortisol in it as a direct result of this, it helps the immune system function at full potential. This gives a heightened ability to fight sickness and disease and allows us to live healthier, longer lives.

Simple living has many benefits. There are many reasons for this, and we should educate ourselves in this area. Review all the reasons why you should consider choosing simple living, and think about how much simple living can benefit you and your family’s long-term health.

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