The Benefits of Exercising in Group Fitness Classes

The most obvious benefit of working out within a group setting is accountability, not only to the instructor but to your other classmates as well as to yourself. Beyond that, some of the other benefits include:

1) Motivation to keep going

If you are new to exercising, one of the first thoughts you’ll have about joining a class is wondering if you will be able to keep up with the rest of the group. Most likely after the first session, you’ll want more. You were able to keep up, have fun, and start to get fit – all great motivators to come back again.

2) Doing things the right way

When first starting out, whether in a gym full of equipment or doing a routine that uses either no equipment or just body weight, you may be intimidated. However, with your class led by a certified instructor, s/he will show you the proper way to exercise regardless of the venue. Learning how to do it right is good prevention against getting hurt and a good way to get the most from your workout.

3) Establishing a routine

If you have a limited amount of time each day to workout, having a structured 30 to 60-minute class may be the best way to go. You’ll know exactly what time each class will meet so you can get in and get out without wondering if you’ll be able to get on the machine you want or waste time trying to figure out what you’ll do for a routine. As part of a class, all you have to do is show up!

4) A full body workout

Generally speaking, structured classes are designed to work your whole body. While there may be specialized classes, most include a variety of exercises that work both upper and lower body. If you try and design your own routine, your choice of exercises might not fully develop your body.

5) Pushing yourself further than you would normally push yourself

Most instructors are Type A upbeat people and because of their personalities, they have the ability to push you further than you would normally push yourself. They always get you to do “a couple more repetitions” which end up being another five or six. Once you are done, however, you’ll have a greater sense of accomplishment. If left to your own devices, you most likely would not have pushed through those last few repetitions.

Group classes are a great way to meet new people, get in shape, and have fun. Three more benefits that will bring you back to class exercise another day.

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