The Importance of Building Trust as a Team

If you work with a team of people it is important that everyone trusts each other. Otherwise this makes working together extremely difficult. If members aren’t open to sharing their work or sharing new information, the team will never see awesome results.

As trust between people builds, so do their results. A strong, trusting team can really achieve new heights and hold huge potential. It takes a leader to help build and develop trust in any team setting. Let’s look at how you can do this.

Trust in the workplace is important as it can help define character, builds strength, and helps people’s true potential shine through.

Just as in your personal relationships, trust means that you have to rely on someone else to make the right moves and actions. When you trust your fellow team members, you will notice that you feel safe around them. You can easily discuss your problems and issues with them without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed.

When team members lack in trust, they are prone to spending more time thinking of how to protect themselves instead of thinking about how they can help the team as a whole.

Think about this for a minute. How easily do you share your own knowledge with people you trust? Fairly easily, especially when compared to those you don’t trust yet.

As a team leader you will need to be the first person to demonstrate that you trust each member. You are setting an example to everyone else so they will follow suit.

One of the easiest ways to build trust in a team setting is by communicating effectively with everyone.

A good example of this is to hold a team meeting where everyone can introduce themselves. This can really help to break the ice and get people talking to each other. Don’t even discuss the project at hand during this session, instead present it as a meet and greet session, maybe even over a lunch.

It can also be helpful to discuss the actual issue of trust. This is very true if the project requires specific input in certain areas. Allow members to voice any concerns over trust. They may be worried about security issues and confidentiality issues. Deal with any areas of concern as they are brought up.

Creating a great functioning team can be a fantastic achievement, but without trust the team potential is drastically reduced.

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