Everyday life can be tough and it can be a challenge to stay positive. Most people can benefit from tips for keeping optimistic when difficulties come – and they always do. These tips can help you to relax when stress knocks on your door.

Expressing gratitude can help you to see that you really have had positive experiences in your life. Beginning a gratitude journal will allow you to consistently keep track of the things for which you’re grateful. It also will be helpful when you’re feeling down.

If you’re feeling blue, you can get your gratitude journal out and read a few pages or even just a few lines. It will help you to reconnect with the good in your life and allow you to see that good things will continue to come your way. You can quickly get in touch with your optimism.

Using positive language can also help you to stay optimistic when things get rough. It can be hard to retrain your brain to speak about situations in a positive way, but once you do it can really help to improve your mood. You may have to fake it at first, but it will become natural.

Avoid saying things like, “Why does this always happen to me?” and, “I’ll never get what I want.” Instead, when you encounter problems say things like, “I will find a strategy to take care of this problem,” or, “I have gotten through tough challenges before – this is something I can overcome.”

When you use a positive framework for speaking about problems, you’ll find that your mood naturally improves and your capacity for handling problems increases. Eventually this is a skill that will come naturally, but you may want to write down some positive phrases and keep them handy when you’re working to change.

Exercise can also help you to improve your mood and have a positive outlook. In fact, research has shown that physical activity can be as effective as antidepressants for improving mood. If you’re feeling particularly stressed or down, simply taking a walk can help you return to optimism.

You don’t have to be a gym rat in order to use exercise to improve your optimism. Taking a walk around the block is often enough to reset your mental state. You’ll increase your heart rate and your supply of oxygen. Your brain will also experience the natural high that comes from endorphins.

If you’re in the habit of being a pessimist, it may take time to turn things around. You’ll need to be conscious about your attitude so that you can catch yourself being negative. Then you can use these tips for keeping optimistic to reframe your mind.