Turning Away from Consumerism

There is a movement afoot, and it’s away from consumerism. Consumerism is the basic idea that increased consumption of goods is economically advantageous, even necessary. Today, though, a new zeal for frugality is coming to the fore.

When you think of moving away from consumerism, it sounds a lot like self-denial, which doesn’t necessarily hold a lot of appeal. But advocates of frugality say that moving away from consumerism actually results in a more pleasurable lifestyle because you’re not dependent on “stuff” for happiness.

Here are some ways you can get in on the frugality movement and enjoy it!

Make Things by Hand

One of the most pleasurable aspects of frugality is hand-making items. You can hand-make foods, gifts, clothes, decorations, and so forth. You can even make your own paper! You’ll begin to see potential in objects you might normally throw away, from plastic bottles to dinner leftovers.

Learning to sew can open up new frugal worlds. Clothing that doesn’t fit or is damaged can be transformed into something else. You can make baby gifts, throw pillows, stuffed animals, and the list goes on.

You can make household cleaners by hand, too, from countertop scrubbers to window cleaners.

You Don’t Have to Buy That!

(Think Before Consuming)

Before you shell out the dollars or break out the plastic, ask yourself if you really have to buy a new such-and-such. Can you make it? Do you know someone else who could make it? Or better yet, can it be repaired, refurbished, or otherwise redone?

Take your countertops, for instance. Maybe they’re stained, pitted, and in overall bad shape. Should you throw out the old countertops and get new ones? If you’re into the frugality movement, think of a way to repair and fix them. Maybe you could do mosaic over the old countertops, or even paint them. You could tile them, too. Sometimes, it just requires a little thought to get away from consumerism.

Find Simple Pleasures

Did you know you can experience pleasures without spending money? For many people, the honest answer is no! But you can, and finding those pleasures inherent in life is a key to moving away from consumerism. Learn to appreciate nature, art, and the beauty all around you; take up a hobby and produce beautiful treasures; plant a garden; take a walk. The thing to remember is that pleasure does not have to cost money.


Have you ever heard the saying, “the best things in life are free”? Make it true in your life. Spending time with people you love, exploring a creek or stream, walking your dog, building a snowman…these are all things that cost nothing, but can offer great life rewards.

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