Unwinding with Your Family

One of the most important aspects of enjoying a happy family life is ensuring that you make time to unwind. This means making time for PLAY! When was the last time you played as a family together?

Everyone leads a busy life these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add that fun aspect to your life. It is not as though you have to schedule hours and hours of play time. Just work on fitting in time to unwind with your family every day.

Unwinding with your family could entail playing a game, going for a short walk, rough-housing with your kids, or enjoying an evening barbecue together. It is too easy to become rigid and strict in your daily routines. While this might get your kids to do their homework, it doesn’t do much when it comes to relaxing together. Do your kids even ask you to snuggle up on the couch and watch the TV anymore?

If you are having trouble finding time to play with your family, can you miss seeing your friends for one evening per week instead? While it is important for everyone to have friends and socialize, your family should still come first. Is working that extra overtime absolutely necessary or would you rather be at home enjoying your family?

Your goal should be to get to a point where your children are happy to see you each evening, and you are glad to see them. Once you have gotten to this point you can say that you do have a happy family life.

Here’s some additional ways you can spend time playing and unwinding with your family.

  • Limit after-school activities for your kids
  • Miss that after-work drink with your buddies now and again
  • Go swimming together
  • Go on family bike rides or hikes
  • Enjoy a summer family picnic at the local park or beach
  • Cook together
  • Set up a family ritual for one night a week such as movie night, pizza night, etc.

When you make time to unwind, you are helping your mind and body de-stress too. It is healthy to allow your mind to do something fun and not to always be thinking about work and priorities. You may actually start to feel younger too!

If you haven’t spent much time lately playing with your family, start today by making a point to do exactly that. Ask your kids what game they would like to play when you get home from work tonight.

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