We Now Have Digital Real Estate!

I now own (have broad developmental control and administrative rights to) an entire town in Shroud of the Avatar – a free-to-play MMO that is the culmination of Lord British’s Ultima (Avatar) series.

The game itself is still in development, not yet a finished product, but the world has been live and publicly available since July 2016 and has acquired a dedicated, supportive community, many of whom (including myself) have been early investors and contributors to its development for years before the public release.

Having our own town – Candlelight Stronghold – will give me the ability to custom design and freely offer tailored space for virtual housing, community areas and events, social and educational support, and business networking and training. More details will be posted as things progress.

I am also considering prospects for offering additional support through Everquest 2, Nintendo 3DS, and strategy gaming, so stay tuned if you have interest in any of those.

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