What to Wear to a Barre Fitness Class

Okay. You’ve done it. You signed up for that barre fitness program and are getting serious about losing weight and getting fit. But wait a minute! You just realized that you don’t know what to wear to a barre fitness class. Spandex and a sweatshirt? Are yoga pants and T-shirts acceptable? And what types of clothing will help you reap the most rewards of this wonderful low impact and high intensity exercise?

The barre fitness program was developed as a one-hour full body workout. By combining strength and sports conditioning, ballet moves, yoga, and Pilates, a truly unique fitness program is created. Stretching is also an important part of barre fitness, both before and after the program.

Exploding in popularity recently, barre fitness can quickly transform your entire body, delivering a trim and toned physique. But back to the original question; what should you wear?

Licensed barre fitness instructors recommend that you wear comfortable and breathable clothing. Additionally, like in yoga, it is suggested that you wear tight-fitting clothes and workout gear so that your instructor can properly coach you on your alignment and form. And most barre fitness studios will have a line of clothing they recommend. Don’t forget, this is a workout which is done in socks. So make sure to grab a clean pair before you leave home, or purchase one at your studio.

Some barre class lovers prefer sleeveless halters and fold-over capris, racerback tops and tanks, and full, form-fitting lower body coverage from ankle to waist. You should not wear shorts to a barre exercise class, and make sure your midsection is covered as well.

As mentioned above, this is an exercise program performed in your socks. Special “sticky socks” give much-needed traction and help improve your balance, while promoting circulation and keeping you warm.

Barre fitness is also a great exercise program for men. Just like the ladies, guys should wear clothes which hold close to the body and allow your instructor to check out your form. Most barre fitness classes will be held on carpeting, but not always, so you may want to bring a yoga mat with you. Also, make sure you bring your own bottle of water to keep hydrated. And as mentioned above, shoes are not required, and will be removed as soon as the class gets started.

Now that you know just what to wear to a barre fitness class, get started soon, and you will reap the total body benefits that this toning and sculpting exercise program offers.

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