During most parts of the year you’ll find produce that is seasonal in your area.  These are fruits and vegetables that grow during certain times of the year only in your area. Paying attention to what is in season is a good idea.  Here are the top reasons you should choose to buy seasonal:

1 – Supports Your Local Area

If it is in season, the grocery store is more likely to be purchasing the produce locally.  Buying strawberries in the winter when you know they can’t grow in your area probably means they are being shipped in from somewhere.  This could mean another part of the country or another country altogether.

2 – Best Tasting Fruits & Veggies Available

Buying fruits and vegetables when they are not in season means they took time to be shipped to your location.  They will not stay as fresh as long and could go bad quite quickly.

3 – Opportunities to Learn New Seasonal Recipes

One fun way to know what is in season is to watch your local media like newspapers and local TV programs.  They spotlight seasonal product with recipes you’ve never tried before. By trying new recipes, you’ll get so much more variety in your diet.  This might mean you would try different dishes you wouldn’t have ordinarily tried.

4 – Less Expense

When produce is in season, that means there is an abundance and you can get it way less than you normally would pay.  For example, during the winter asparagus ranges in price from $3.99 to $5.99 a pound; however, if you purchase it during the time they grow in your area you can get it as low as $1.78 or $1.99 a pound.  That is a huge savings for your pocket book.

Keep an eye out for what drops drastically in price during the year.  That will be a good indication of what is in season when.  You can also ask the produce department.  They will be able to let you know when to expect certain fruits and vegetables to be less expensive.

When product is shipped from far away, they make up for the extra cost by increasing the price, but when you shop the seasonal fruits you’ll be glad to have these savings passed onto you.

By shopping seasonal, you’re less likely to get out-of-area food and it’ll be cheaper.  Plus you’ll get much more variety in your diet by trying new recipes.  The food will be fresher and you’ll be supporting your community.  So whenever possible shop whatever is seasonal, and you’ll be happy that you did.